Rest Api Request Parameters Example Java Coupon List

Inheritance and REST API Controllers - Dealing with Subclasses

Updated: 4 days ago
In my view, keep your endpoints simple. From a REST API standpoint, create individual or only one controller and use the following patterns ...

REST API OCST - Send a Promotion Code to a Customer (until 7.7)

Updated: 4 days ago
Jun 23, 2020 · Query Parameters. Example Requests. /customers/egkKDgANTq4AAAFF31gHyCE_/mails. HTTP Status Codes. 200 OK - If the mail was transferred to ...

Method: orders.cancel | Content API for Shopping | Google Developers

Updated: 4 days ago
Oct 7, 2020 · Note: This call will be made in the sandbox environment. Request parameters. merchantId. orderId.

WebSphere Commerce REST API - HCL Product Documentation

Updated: 4 days ago
The implementation classes contain JAX-RS annotations such as @Path, @Produces, @Consumes, @QueryParam, and @PathParam. Query parameters. In addition to the ...

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