Vue Import Css Globally


How do I import global CSS in Vue?

Best way to have global css in Vuejs

1. import a css file in the index.html.

2. do @import in main component.

3. put all the css in the main component (but that would be a huge file)

Best way to have global css in Vuejs - Stack Overflow > questions > best-way-to-have-global-css-in-vuejs

How do I add CSS to Vue?

Adding CSS classes in Vue We should apply the button CSS classes to the <button> in our ToDoForm component. Since Vue templates are valid HTML, this is done in the same way to how you might do it in plain HTML — by adding a class="" attribute to the element.

Styling Vue components with CSS - Learn web development | MDN > docs > Learn > Client-side_JavaScript_frameworks

How do I add CSS files to Vue 3?

Importing CSS in Vue components

1. Thanks a lot. I would also like to add that it can be imported like this // In Component A <script scoped> import '@/assets/user/css/userapp.css' </script> – Hassaan Aslam. ...

2. Ah yes, i appologise, you mentioned you have vue-cli, this sets up the webpack alias "@" for you :P. – Phil Poore.

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Is it possible to import CSS file conditionally in VUE JS?

Switching css file based on condition like theme name, brand name etc. Using this solution, you will easily switch css based on conditon.

vue-conditional-css-import - GitHub > jitendrathakur1 > vue-conditional-css-import

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