What Is Discount Rate In Npv

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So if he were to want to discount the anticipated total Year 4 net cash flow as of year end, then at the very beginning of Year 4 he would theoretically apply an 8.00% discount rate to the Year 4 projected amount, because the rate at which his money is growing is, in retrospect, the same exact rate at which he would contract it back to today ...


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Mar 17, 2021 · Based on an estimated discounting rate: The primary limitation presented by NPV is that it is based on an assumed rate of return. If the rate of return is calculated as higher than what it actually is in the future, the calculation can show a false negative net present value.


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In our calculation, there is an assumption that the cash flows will be reinvested at the same discount rate at which they are discounted. In the NPV calculation, the implicit assumption for reinvestment rate is 10%. In IRR, the implicit reinvestment rate assumption is of 29% or 25%.


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