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What are the TCL commands?

Transaction Control Language commands are used to manage transactions in the database. Transactional control commands are used only DML Commands such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. COMMIT, ROLLBACK and SAVEPOINT are the TCL commands used in SQL.

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Which of the following are TCL commands answer?

4) Which of the following are TCL commands? Explanation: TCL stands for Transaction Control Commands used for managing the changes made by DML commands like INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE.

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Which commands are used for data definition?

Data Definition Language (DDL) - These SQL commands are used for creating, modifying, and dropping the structure of database objects. The commands are CREATE, ALTER, DROP, RENAME, and TRUNCATE.

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Which command comes under TCL category?

Commit, Rollback and Savepoint SQL commands Transaction Control Language(TCL) commands are used to manage transactions in the database.

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