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Do restaurants lose money on coupons?

Coupons help bring in new restaurant customers But it totally happens, especially if you're in a strip center where there are a lot of other businesses or if you're off the beaten path. Your coupon may be their first introduction to your restaurant.

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What is the stand app?

The Stand App is the best rewards, mobile ordering and payment solution around. You'll receive 1 point per $1 spent on food and beverages at The Stand. As you collect points, you will unlock new and exciting rewards. You can also use the app to save time, skip the line and 'Order Ahead'.

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Why do restaurants give coupons?

When an eatery is interested in attracting new customers, one option that often comes to mind is issuing coupons. Offering consumers a chance to get a discount at the restaurant can be a great way to pique the interest of new guests, and might even drum up business from lapsed customers.

The pros and cons of coupons in the restaurant space | SmartBrief

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Is the stand gluten free?

Really great burgers and they have a gluten free bun. ... Unfortunately the fries are fried with gluten containing items.

The Stand Gluten Free - Los Angeles - 2021

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