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"I May destroy you", "Normal People" and "The Capture" among the must-see miniseries to watch in a marathon

There are two types of viewers in the world: those looking for an endless show with many seasons to always have something to do with, and those who like the feeling of completing a story. Es ready is for the second type of person. From comedies and dramas to documentaries about real crimes. All these titles are easily digestible to watch in one day. Son series are short, intense and perfect for running a marathon. No more than six or seven hours for those who like to start, develop and detach. They are ideal programs for those with little patience and who want to know the end before the end of the day. In a few hours you can enjoy great fistions such as "I May destroy you", "Modern Love" or "Normal People", with a powerful story, narrative quality and very good performances. In these cases, less is more. A selection to fall in love, laugh, cry or think without having to spend weeks in front of the screen.

"Normal People" (Hulu)

The romantic miniseries "Normal People" premiered this year and became an event in Europe

"Normal People" tells about the back and forth of love between two young Irish people from high school to adulthood. Based on the best-selling novel by young Irish writer Sally Rooney, the miniseries begins when Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) take the final year of high school in Sligo, a small town in the northwest of the country. During 12 half-hour episodes the viewer witnesses a story of encounters and encounters. It was quite an event in Europe and Mescal has been nominated for an Emmy Award for its starring role in this drama.

"The Great" (Hulu)

"The Great" with Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult

This comedy-drama starring Elle Fanning ("Maleficent") and Nicholas Hoult ("X Men") is based on the life of "Catalina the Great", Empress of Russia. The series sarcastically portrays the old-fashioned society of The Court of Emperor Peter III, where the young Catherine arrives full of modern ideas and in which she will prevail, in a clear nod to the feminine might. Written by Tony McNamara (writer of "The Favorite") this period satire is fictional but "occasionally real". It premiered this year and has a total of ten chapters. It was such a success of "The Great" that a second season was already confirmed.

"The Capture" (BBC ONE)

BBC ONE's "The Capture" was a hit in the UK

"The Capture" is a British crime drama television series created, written and directed by Ben Chanan, and starring Holliday Grainger, Callum Turner, Laura Haddock, Ben Miles, Paul Ritter and Ron Perlman. It is a techno-thriller in miniseries about the era of constant surveillance and its dangers. The story turns its attention to the cameras that guard the streets of London. One of these cameras captures the aggression that a British soldier (Callum Turner) carries out in the street against a woman. She's their lawyer and they were celebrating the acquittal of the former after a hypothetical war crime. The assault is recorded, but he claims he is completely innocent. A detective from the London Police Department (Holliday Grainger) will take over the case believing what the images clearly show. But he soon begins to discover things that don't fit: strange behaviors in security recordings.

"I May destroy you" (HBO)

"I May Destroy You" is available on HBO GO

The series created, co-directed and starring Michela Coel is painfully amperdible. All 12 chapters are now available on HBO and last half an hour. "I May Destroy You" portrays the moments when Michela Coe tries to reconstruct the events of the night she was raped, and does so through The character of Arabella Essiedu. After visiting her boyfriend in Italy, she returns to London and just wants to relax. So he goes out to have a night of fun with his friend, but wakes up the next day without remembering anything that happened. Gradually Arabella remembers what happened the night before. It is not yet very clear what happened, but between some blurry and somewhat dark memories, and the help of some people, discovers that she was drugged and raped. It is a tragicomic drama about the recovery of victims of sexual abuse and shows the personal challenges the protagonist must face after a traumatic event.

"Collateral" (Netflix)

"Colleteral", a miniseries with social subplots and a large cast

Another police-genre miniseries with only four episodes and you'll be able to watch in just one afternoon. "Collateral" is not only a story of a murder but is a critique of immigration policy and addresses various aspects of society through the characters that color the drama. From immigration and the POST-Brexit UK to machismo, abuse and positions of power. It is a BBC miniseries written by David Hare ('The Hours') and directed by S.J. Clarkson ('Jessica Jones', 'The Defenders'). It tells us the story of a murder, its investigation, its causes and its consequences in south London. A pizza delivery man is killed when he leaves a delivery in a house. He is an illegal Syrian immigrant who is abouts by two shots of a devilish military precision. The case is assigned to Detective Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan). He's only got one season.

"Crashing" (Netflix)

"Crashing" is a British comedy written and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge

"Crashing" is a six-part British comedy written and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, before fame for the acclaimed "Fleabag". Episodes last 23 to 24 minutes. IMDB has a 4-star rating of 5. Our single season is available on Netflix and can be finished in 2 hours and 20 minutes. The series shows a group of twentysomething friends who, for various reasons, end up living in an abandoned london hospital. There arrives Lulu (Waller-Bridge), with his compulsive style, his provocation, his unconpressurable ability to desubicate, his lightheartedness and his charisma.

"Feel Good" (Netflix)

"Feel Good" is available on Netflix; an English post jewel "Fleabag"

The title of 'Feel good' is itself a kind of contradiction: no, this is not a series to make you feel good, although it will make you laugh with laughter. Nor is it a tear-like drama, although it is able to deal with issues such as drug addiction and family problems in an honest and emotional way. It's a short but intense series that will make you laugh and cry with its tragicomedy about life and relationships, led by Canadian comedian Mae Martin. All six episodes of "Feel Good" were released on March 19, 2020. According to Netflix, the show follows a comedian's life as he "navigates a new passionate and messy relationship with his girlfriend, George, as he faces the challenges of sobriety." In the first episode Mae (Mae Martin) and George (Charlotte Ritchie) fall in love and move together. But the interesting comes when her secrets come to light: George has not told his friends that he has a girlfriend (and that she is possibly a lesbian) and Mae has hidden from her partner that she is a former drug addict in the process of rehabilitation. From there, they both learn how harmful it is to a relationship elements such as mistrust, lies and above all dependence. Video calls with her mother, played by Lisa Kudrow, are must-see.

"Modern Love" (Amazon Prime)

"Modern Love" has a luxury cast and has already been renewed for a second season

Based on the columns of the same name published in The New York Times, the series "Modern Love" has become an irresistible title in the Amazon Prime catalog for both its familiar faces and ease of consumption with its separate episode format of only half an hour. It's one of those light figations that make it easy to get carried away and features a star-studded cast, including Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Andrew Scott, John Slattery, Andy Garcia, Brandon Victor Dixon and more. In just 4 hours and 13 minutes you can watch the eight episodes.


The miniseries "Bodyguard" with Richard Madden is available on Netflix. It's a single season with six episodes. Marathon time: Six hours

It's another short series, just six episodes, that can be seen quietly in an afternoon thanks to it only taking about five hours and something to finish it completely. Totally addictive with a plot that hooks you in the first minute and you won't be able to stop seeing it until the end. It is one of the most popular in the UK in recent years. A fast and dynamic thriller. "Bodyguard" tells the story of a war veteran, David Budd (Richard Madden), who is assigned to a new post, that of personal protection of Minister Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), targeted by terrorist threats. The sexual tension between the two characters and the adrenaline in all its chapters makes this program an interesting title for those who want something quick to digest.

"Catalina la Grande" (HBO)

The series "Catalina la Grande" is available on HBO

Ather choice for lovers of period stories. In just four episodes that you can watch in less than four hours, the miniseries tells us the last years of the reign of "Catalina the Great", played by the great Helen Mirren in the role of the monarch who ruled the Russian empire. This co-production between HBO and Sky also focuses on Catherine's passionate adventure with Grigori Potemkin (Jason Clarke), a military man who, in addition to her lover and confidante, became Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army.

"I Am Not Okay with This" (Netflix)

"I Am Not Okay with This" is Netflix's new youth comedy from the creators of "Stranger Things" and the director of "The End of the F*** ing World"

The young Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis) lives traumatized by her father's recent suicide and because she likes girls and not boys. At the same time she will have to deal with her problems at school, her family, her friends and the mysterious telekinetic superpowers that suddenly begin to awaken in her. At times you may remember "Stranger Things" or "The End of The F*cking World" as the producers of both programs are behind this new title to entertain youth audiences. Since its premiere this year it received very good reviews from the specialized press. It has a season (a second on the way) of seven half-hour chapters.

"Unorthodox" (Netflix)

"Unorthodox," one of Netflix's must-see titles

One of the best miniseries to watch on Netflix is "Unorthodox", this drama based on the memoirs of Deborah Feldman, a woman who left the New York Hasidic community and who became one of the greatest hits on the screen girl this 2020. It is the story, in fiction, of Esther Schartz or Esty (Shira Haas), a young Jewish woman who decides to flee her planned life from an ultra-Orthodox community in Brooklyn. Esty decides to leave a marriage that even she hasn't chosen and will move to Berlin. But escaping won't be easy for you. It's one of those perfect programs if you're looking for quality and something short that you'll see in less than four hours.

The Ted Bundy (Netflix) tapes

The documentary "Ted Bundy" is available on Netflix and lasts four hours

Ted Bundy was one of the best-known serial killers. After more than a decade denying him, he confessed that he killed 36 women between 1973 and 1978 in the United States. The actual number of victims is unknown. This series tells of his life, his crimes and delves into the figure of Bundy, who is far from a dark and dark killer: he was a model student, a carefully looking college student. And, as we see in the four hours of the miniseries, a psychopath. Besides, he'll be the one to count his murders in these four episodes. The series is based on audio recorded by Bundy while in jail and before being executed in the electric chair on January 24, 1989.


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