A few days after leaving the hospital, Tono Mauri already has projects


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Antonio Mauri Villariño, better known to the Mexican public as T oño Mauri, has just over a week of being discharged. Having been close to death, far from stopping him, only inspired him and now the actor is already making plans for future projects with his son .

According to a video published by the Who portal, the actor shared that he thinks that God let him survive for a purpose in life, so now he will dedicate himself to making content that serves society.

“Toño, my son, has a production company, Hippo, and I want to create Catholic content with him and create content positive to society . I have a series on my doorstep , which we started recording in May, called “Mariachis” , this series has the common goal of seeking family unity, "said the interpreter.

On the other hand, he also wants to share everything he experienced when he was infected , and how they have lived after the transplant.

I want to make a documentary and I want to make a testimony. With the images that I have to take people from the beginning until today, "he added. PP Mauri Villariño, also narrated in his own voice what happened since his whole family got sick last year, to the thoughts he had when he entered to the hospital.

“This virus hit my whole family, and in this case, the one that hit the hardest was me. In my case, it attacked the lungs. I went to the hospital thinking that maybe it would be two or three days maximum , but I found the reality of thinking that every day was the last for eight months, "he began.

The actor explained that without help such as transplantation, he would not He would have been able to get ahead, so he prayed that he would be able to return to his family.

“What I needed was a lung transplant, because without that I no longer had any solution. There were two stages, the normal stage of COVID and now the transplant stage. I only asked God to help me because I wanted to see my children, and I know that he listened to me because he has something for me that he wants me to do , which is related to this testimony, "he said.

For now, the actor assured that All this experience has made him appreciate things that might seem minimal. In addition to this, he thanked his wife Carla, for trying to help him from where she could.

“Life has changed me with this, it has made me aware, I have realized even the most basic thing that is to walk, because I cannot walk right now. I was in a coma for almost four months, they spoke to my wife and told her that that night was going to be the last . I entered a list to wait for this donation. Carla, my wife, was the one who took on the task of looking for everything she needed. She is my partner and she is an angel, ”he said.

Mauri Villariño added that he wants all bad experiences to be transformed into something positive that he can give to the world and that he can even help people. He added that he wrote a letter to the donor's family, and although he did not reveal its contents, he did say that he thanked them.

“Now I want that suffering to turn into joy and that together we help people , I think That is my mission and I think that's what I stayed with. I wrote a letter to the donor's family , where I express what I feel, my gratitude, "he declared.


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