Accusations of alleged harassment of Vicente Fernandez to followers grow


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Hours after a video of the singer Vicente Fernández touching the chest of a follower went viral, a series of users decided to make public their testimonies about the alleged sexual harassment they received from the singer. The video recordings have been broadcast through the video platform TikTok.

The television host Javier Ceriani shared the video of a second follower being harassed through his official Instagram account. In the video recording it can be seen that the singer touched the bosom of a young fan, while both posed for a photograph.

The woman was in the company of a male individual who did not seem to notice the singer's touching.

The setting is identical to that of the first video that went viral this week. However, this time the 'Charro de Huentitán' is dressed in a black jacket, unlike the yellow shirt with which he was previously captured.

A third testimony was made public when the user @marianahernandez shared a video clip in which Vicente Fernández touched the chest of who allegedly is his relative. "She is not the only one, my aunt too," the user wrote about the video recording.

In the material shared on TikTok, you can see the photograph of a woman with a hint of a smile in front of the camera while the singer has her hand posed on his chest.

Also, another user of the platform published the testimony of the alleged harassment she received from the singer, in a dynamic very similar to that of the other three women attacked. According to her statement, she is a minor.

On Twitter, journalist Carlos Aguilar shared his own experience with the singer: “Many years ago in Tabasco, several couples attended a presentation by Vicente Fernández, a friend was going with his girlfriend, suddenly she goes up to take a picture with the singer, suddenly he kisses her lasciviously, squeezing her abusively ... that was "Chente " .

So far, neither the 80-year-old singer nor his relatives have spoken about it.

Videos: @Miranda Hdez / TikTok - @javierceriani / IG.

Yesterday, after her video went viral on social networks, the young woman who identifies herself by the name of “Lex” published a video in which she told what happened when Vicente Fernández touched her inappropriately:

"That photo was taken in 2017, the reason my expression looks calm is not because I liked it, rather it was because I didn't realize that her hand was there until I looked at the pictures with my mother" , stated through TikTok.

I felt v iolentado, angry with the Lord and everyone is defending him. (...) I don't care if it's Vicente Fernández, he shouldn't have touched my body without my permission, especially in that area. I'm sure many women have experienced the same thing, ”concluded the young woman who was sexually harassed by the interpreter.

After this testimony, a confrontation arose on social networks between those who condemn the rancheras singer's behavior and those who defend him.

The singer has been involved in other bitter controversies, such as the occasion on which he claimed to reject the liver donation of a gay person, only because of his sexual preference.

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