Actor Gabriel Byrne recounted the phone call he had with the priest who sexually abused him when he was a child


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Gabriel Byrne confessed that he once contacted the priest whom he accused of sexually abusing him as a child, and the man did not remember who he was. In his new memoir, “Walking with Ghosts,” the 70-year-old Irish actor wrote that during a confrontational phone call in 2002, his alleged abuser couldn't remember who he was and even thanked him for getting in touch.

“Wanted on those last seconds tell him that, although I do not believe in hell, I hope it exists because I want him to be terrified and burn forever, "says Byrne in his publication, according to the site Page Six . But I didn't say anything. A part of me didn't want to hurt an old man with a kind voice trapped in a retirement home who now doesn't remind me or anything of what he had done.

Byrne has had a rich and varied career. He has made more than 70 films and has shared the screen with the likes of Richard Burton and Vanessa Redgrave. He has won a Golden Globe (for his role in HBO's "In Treatment"), has been nominated for three Tony Awards and has played unforgettable characters in films such as "Miller's Crossing," "The Usual Suspects" and "Into the West." .

The artist, who was married to the famous actress Ellen Barkin, first opened up to the media about the sexual abuse that he experienced in 2010. He claimed that as a child he was sexually assaulted by a member of the Congregation of the Brothers Christians in England.

Like many Catholic children of the day, Byrne was tempted to think he had a calling to the priesthood and, at age 11, travels to a seminary in Birmingham, England. One night, Byrne is called into the private rooms of a priest, who sexually abused him.

After his expulsion from the seminary for exposing the highest authority, Byrne drifts for a time, trying to find a way, first as a plumber and then as a thief, before returning to the theater he had enjoyed as a child. In the second part of the book, he explores his life as an actor, and talks more about the dubious nature of fame and self-doubt. The actor, who won a battle against alcoholism, questions his sex symbol image and considers the lifetime costs of wearing the actor's mask. " We all act all the time, " he writes. “ Life makes us necessary deceivers. Except maybe when we are alone. "

Describing the night of the abuse, Byrne writes in the book: “Even years later, it seems that the night has come to pass. I've been poking it with a pin ever since, I'm afraid of what's buried there. ”

He also admits that for a long time he blamed himself for what happened, feeling“ ashamed ” and “ guilty ” as if he had done something wrong.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the actor said that the priest died many years ago and reflected on the behavior he took to get ahead after this aberrant event. “We love to think that there is a solution to these things, that this is how to deal with trauma. I confronted it; I took care of that; I kept going, ”he told the outlet. But that is not necessarily true. I realized that there does not have to be a resolution. "

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