Adriana Ugarte: "In my profession I have not suffered harassment, outside of it if they have exceeded me"


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She had to say goodbye to her long hair a few months ago for Parot , the Amazon Prime Video series that premieres in spring, but Adriana Ugarte did not expect the radical makeover that her new character of Big Bad Wolf , the film that is now shooting in Cádiz. Just a few days ago, the Madrid actress surprised her followers with a pixie haircut, à la garçon . One more hazard of the job than for Ugarte, who says he is "overly attached to his long hair", it has not been easy. "It cost me a lot, but as an actress you have to know how to renounce this embellished image of which we are and make ourselves victims," she says in a telephone conversation with EL PAÍS.

There are few characters who have allowed her to go as far out of the norm as she has obtained Matilde, the protagonist of the film by Gustavo Hernández where he shares the bill with Javier Gutiérrez and Rubén Ochandiano . It is not the only role with which the actress of Palmeras en la Nieve (2015), or During the storm (2018) has shown a new record towards where to direct her projects. He already did it as a girl Almodóvar in Julieta (2016) and has let him see it again in Guerra 3 , a sound fiction that considers how a World War III could become and is broadcast on the Podium Podcast platform or on Hache , the Netflix series that has just released its second season, where she plays a prostitute in Spain in the sixties . At 36 years old, she vindicates the role of women in the cinema at a certain age and ensures that this change, which she celebrates is already beginning, is part of herself. “We have to dare and stop being complacent with our own demands. In the end, empowerment and recognition of our place begins with us, we must not be afraid to play in certain areas that are out of your comfort zone. ”

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She considers herself a shy and insecure person, but all the challenges she takes on are for her an adrenaline rush that generates more self-confidence. “I am very impulsive, a real kamikaze”, admits who, as a teenager, spent a summer in Belarus receiving an acting course. Daughter of a magistrate and a lawyer, from a very young age she knew that she wanted this to be her world and nothing stopped her. At 16, he made his debut in the short film Mala espina , for which he received an award for his performance at the Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival, and since he came of age he has not stopped weaving projects together.

It was in 2007 when She received her first Goya nomination as a revelation actress for Cabeza de perro , but her face became better known in Spanish homes a year later thanks to the period series La Señora (TVE) . Her role as Sira Quiroga in El tiempo entre costuras catapulted her to fame because the homonymous novel by María Dueñas and its later adaptation to fiction were a success in and outside of Spain. In April the second part of the book is published and although its sequel on television is not confirmed, Ugarte would be very excited if they would have it again. The filming of the first season was very intense and the actress was forced to stop. "We filmed the entire series in six months and my character appeared in almost all the sequences," she recalls with a slight tone of overwhelm but willing to put herself back into the protagonist's shoes.

Adriana Ugarte: Broncano, prostitution and syndrome from Stockholm That day World War III broke out

Immersed in these ten intense days of filming Big Bad Wolf , she sighs in real surprise when she discovers that actor Gérard Depardieu , with whom she worked in the film In Love with My Wife (2018), has been charged with rape and sexual assault . It literally freaks out. They do not maintain contact but he assures that something like this was not expected from who he defines as a "very joker" partner. "He always treated me very well, I never saw or witnessed anything cloudy," he says, although he warns: "If it's true, it hurts a lot." The actress is very clear about her position on harassment. She claims that she has never suffered it in the industry, but has been a victim outside of it. “In other areas they have been exceeded. They have made me feel uncomfortable with unpleasant comments, insinuations or even having kissed me without my permission ", she admits, and celebrates that every time our voice is raised more and more for these causes that, she regrets, women" have always lived it in a very internalized way. .

A few weeks ago, her name gained attention after an unfortunate headline pointed out that she was succeeding as an actress but "alone in love." Accustomed to the fact that her private life arouses great interest - "I have been in the news many times by my partners and I have always known how to manage it" -, she was surprised by the support she received quickly from both anonymous and many colleagues in the industry. Those responsible apologized and Ugarte appreciates it, but in conclusion he highlights the strength and scope that a means of communication can have. "People, regardless of being against the message, believed what he said. And I, at that time, had a partner, ”he explains.

Who in the past has been related to the actor Álex González or the presenter David Broncano politely refuses to talk about his current sentimental situation, but insists that we have to end with some of the stereotypes we've grown up with. “Having a partner does not mean being happy and, furthermore, what a responsibility for your partner”, he assures humorously and later on reflecting: “There have been moments in my life in which I have had health, work and a partner and I have been sad, and sometimes that something has been missing from that supposed perfect equation and I have been happy. You have to stop making sadness invisible, much less blaming anyone for your feelings ”. In his thoughtful speech you can see glimpses of that Philosophy career that he began to study at age 18 and which he continues to do remotely. He takes it easy and enjoys it very much. "I'm not in a hurry, I'd be studying it my whole life." Meanwhile, between subjects and exams, he welcomes each project with open arms.

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