After the accusation of Nath Campos, in networks they remembered a video of Rix where he spoke about the day he met her


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This Friday, the influencer Rix became a trend in social networks, after being accused as a sexual aggressor of the youtuber Nath Campos . Under the hashtag #RIXABUSADOR, users began to show the famous and shared an old video where Rix talks about the affected person.

In the audiovisual titled "First impression of youtubers" you can see Rix sitting in a white chair and accompanied by actor Harold Azuara . Both with a container from which they extracted papers with names of collaborators of the platform.

“I met Nath Campos in a club called Raga about four years ago when I started making videos […] and I really can't have a good impression of her because I was actually very drunk and I was trying to catch her. But that was the first impression, for me it was a normal impression ”, Rix mentioned in his video published in January 2017.

In the recording, Harold Azuara is heard telling him that in that case, Nath Campos must have looked pretty to him because he had tried have something with her, to which Rix replied that she did indeed find her attractive.

" Yes, exactly, she's pretty and I'm going to try to give her a few kisses, " said the influencer and later added: "I'm going to eat her, I have to eat her, but I have to do it because they are the rules of the video ”, He concluded and then proceeded to chew the paper with the name of the youtuber.

After the uncovering of this old video, some Internet users began calling Harold Azuara a hypocrite, who hours before had put several tweets in which he said to Nath Campos who had been very brave when speaking and sentenced those who already knew and had not done anything.

Given this, the young actor quoted the tweet with the video and said: "If they told me and I didn't realize it, I feel guilty, sorry." However, the mentions by users continued to reach him and some of them highlighted the social normalization of phrases like Rix's.

"Society normalizes this type of comments so much that we put it aside, it is not your fault, we all learn together, it is sad that these kinds of things have to happen to take it seriously", said @ vanessalizeth02.

So far, Rix's official account is kept private, however , within the hashtag #RIXABUSADOR, images of a telegram group began to leak where apparently the influencer says that he will soon upload some stories clarifying his side of the story.

All of this controversy arose from the fact that Nath Campos, uploaded a 47-minute video in which she recalled an occasion in which she left the club with her friends and Rix abused her.

“I remember that we arrived at my building and that Rix, one of the friends who was accompanying me that night offered to get on me , I couldn't walk well I was in a pretty heavy state, my other friends left and the other things I remember that night is entering my apartment, thinking that I was already in my house, thinking that Rix was going to leave, entering my room like taking off my jumper and getting to bed like going to sleep and the next thing I remember is Rix doing things to me while I was sleeping, " said the influencer.

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