Alex Malverde, manager and Mexican hip hop promoter, died of COVID-19


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Alejandro Rodríguez , one of the most important Mexican promoters of Hip Hop, died of COVID-19 infection , according to reports from co-workers and artists.

Through his social networks, the musician announced the January 7, 2019, who tested positive for a SARS-CoV-2 virus contagion and said that after a CT scan, they told him that "his lungs are small."

On Twitter was where the rapper kept abreast of his progress to His Followers. That same day he asked for information and help to get oxygen tanks, because in Mexico City the shortage began.

“You go through life coping with your addictions, thinking that nothing or not much is going to happen to us . Until you get COVID and then you already have your lungs screwed up from so much filth that you consume. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! ”Was another of his messages.

A day later he assured that the ravages of the disease were beginning to affect him physically and alluded to that“ at times I feel that Saint Peter is speaking to me ”.

“ Just let it out of this shit, to every person I see without a mask I am going to give a fuck and then I will give him a mask ", Alex Malverde wrote in his official profile on January 9.

And on January 11 he broke in with the message " Send good vibrate, I don't want to die yet . Beware of COVID ”; and minutes later, he said he was "afraid of closing his eyes and not coming back."

Thanks for your vibe, take good care of yourselves. They do not know how desperate it is that your life depends on tubes, being afraid to close your eyes and not return. BE CAREFUL! We keep on fucking

Through social networks, musicians and journalists, as well as fans of Alex Malverde, dedicated some parting words to him, after learning of his death.

“The departure of the great Alex Malverde hurts me very bastard. I loved and appreciated him very much, and I always had admiration and respect for him. We are going to miss you friend !! ", wrote Chavo, former member of the band Austin TV.

" Malverde was the best in the hip hop trip and he was even better in the trip of life. His advice was always accurate, I stick with it. Rest in peace, Alex ”, wrote the announcer Alan Zuko.

Also the announcer of Reactor 105 , Tony K, wrote on his official Twitter:“ I am finding out that Alex Malverde has passed away. A great among the greats, he always knew how to do his business. I recently spoke to him, I really can't believe it. Rest in peace, take care of yourselves, band ".

" Hug of solidarity to all in the national urban music scene who, like colleague Alex Malverde, have no plans to give up working day by day !!! We are all joining each other today on this sad night that reminds us that we are here just passing through !!! ”, wrote the Mexican producer Toy Selectah.

Alex Malverde's career began with the Bastón Band , to whom he released an album through Internet with the objective of gathering money to make it physical, according to an interview he gave to Vice ; He even led them to be the fall of the sports brand Nike.

His love of being behind the scenes, behind the artist, in the talent assembly, in the constant discovery of bands, led him to found Homegrown, a crew in which he saw people like Yoga Fire, Alemán, Mike Díaz, Gera, among others, grow. In addition, he was also responsible for the independent label Rich Vagos.


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