Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck end their romantic relationship


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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas end their relationship after a year together. The couple of actors, who began their love affair at the beginning of 2020 while filming the movie Deep Water , a thriller awaiting release in New Orleans, has broken up at the initiative of the Spanish actress of Cuban descent. According to a source close to the couple in People magazine, "their relationship was complicated." “It was she who broke up. Ana does not want to live in Los Angeles and Ben obviously has to do it since his children live in this city ”, affirms that person close to him.

Another source explains to the same American media that they have reached this decision in a completely amicable way. “They are at different times in their lives and there is deep love and respect. Ben still wants to work on himself and be a father. They are both happy with the moment they are together, ”said another person close to the ex-partner.

The relationship between Ana de Armas, 32, and Ben Affleck was confirmed when they could be seen together last March in a trip they made to Cuba , the actress's native country. From there they went to Costa Rica for a romantic vacation and then returned to Los Angeles, California, where they both lived and where they have continued their romance throughout this year. Both publicly walked their love during the summer and spent the covid-19 quarantine period together in Los Angeles and de Armas confirmed their relationship on Instagram when he shared photos of both together on the occasion of his 32nd birthday at the beginning of May.

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In recent weeks the rumors pointing to a breakup were getting stronger, but the couple continued to be seen together in California, taking their dog for a walk and making different plans. In these months they have been showing more and more naturally, and De Armas has even been seen with the children that Affleck had from his marriage to the actress Jennifer Garner, one of his main supports to overcome his alcoholism. Affleck has made an effort to speak to his already ex-girlfriend in Spanish. The actor speaks Spanish fluently, and has even conducted interviews in this language to promote his latest film, The Way Back . In addition, he has once joked with the fact that his three children, especially the oldest, Violet, 14, speak the language very well and are already surpassing him in their abilities, so he has decided to take classes. During these months, De Armas has become a great support for the actor and director, who fights against alcoholism.

De Armas has been one of the most popular faces on television in Spain for a decade, when he became famous thanks to to youth series like El Internado . Her first big break in Hollywood took place three years ago thanks to Blade Runner 2049 , and her biggest exposure has come thanks to her role as Paloma in No Time to Die , the next installment of the James Bond saga, in which she shares the limelight with Daniel Craig, Rami Malek or Lea Seydoux.

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