Ana de Armas, the actress who turns her back on Hollywood and Ben Affleck


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A life-size image of a cardboard Ana de Armas in the trash at Ben Affleck's house in Los Angeles, California, has been around the world (and the Internet) this week. It was about an advertising campaign that the actress kept for a few months at the actor's house, where she settled this summer . Together with the protagonist of Batman, the Spanish-Cuban interpreter has lived this time of pandemic that has prevented her from traveling to her native Cuba. Now, after the actors have decided to end their courtship after a year of relationship , De Armas - the real one and the cardboard one - looks for her place.

This new situation for the interpreter, who became known for her role in the Successful Spanish series El Internado , it seems that it will not be a big problem, since he has been holding his own reins for half his life. At the age of 13 he enrolled in the National School of Art of Cuba, he made his first film while he was still studying at 16 and at 18 he moved to Madrid. Thanks to being the granddaughter of Spanish grandparents, she was able to leave her country with a Spanish passport. What was not expected was how quickly her role in youth fiction would make her a familiar face in Spain.

“It was a big change for me. Almost overnight to become so famous, to be recognized on the street and for everyone to stop me… it was surreal, ”she recently acknowledged in Flaunt magazine. After six seasons and several roles on the big screen, De Armas felt the need to return home. Nostalgia and the search for a role change in his characters made him decide to settle in Los Angeles after recharging strength with his family in Havana. Now, at 32 years old and after several of them without stopping to work and perfect the language, she has left behind those roles, first as a sexy teenager and then as a Latin costumbrista. His Hollywood career is already reaching big .

flights . De Armas, however, doesn't want that noisy, traffic-filled city of California to be his final destination. Residence and the idea of starting a family in the future are two of the reasons that have led Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck to go their separate ways . Apparently she wishes to have children one day, something Affleck disagrees with because he already has three from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner. For them, the actor lives in Los Angeles and is not among his immediate plans to move. The break, according to People from sources close to the ex-partner, has been friendly and both maintain contact and great affection, but neither has spoken publicly on the matter. After listing her house in Venice for sale, De Armas looks for an accommodation close to her work but that ensures a certain discretion.

The actress, fleeing the canons of the industry, longs for privacy away from the screen and she decides what, when and how to show that window to your privacy. The last publication in their social networks dates from last November, and except for a post dedicated to their animals or the actor , the rest is promotion of their work: film projects, covers in reputed fashion magazines or select advertising campaigns to which has lent its image. Despite the fact that the pandemic paralyzed all her plans, 2020 has been a great year for Ana de Armas, who hopes in 2021 all that effort will bear fruit. She plays the new Bond girl in the 25th installment of the 007 agent saga , No Time to Die , which is scheduled to premiere in October after being postponed due to the health crisis . Also pending is Deep Water , the thriller about a marriage where she met Affleck; and Blonde , the film about Marilyn Monroe that Netflix is expected to release later this year.

Almost camouflaged with what is known as Hollywood's blonde ambition, a role for which she prepared herself conscientiously by reading her biographies and everything that was written about She , De Armas considers fame the greatest consequence of her profession. He admits that he would rather the excessive public attention weren't the result of his daily work. “All that media exposure was also [Marilyn's] worst nightmare and I grew a lot of empathy for her and for what was happening. It was a very intense moment for her ”, she reflected in the same interview.

He defines himself as a very hard-working person and also very familiar. The images of her walking with Ben Affleck and joking with her children reflect this, and every time she travels to Cuba she carries her suitcases full of clothes, medicines and other supplies that are in short supply on the island for her family and friends. She knows that acting is her passion and although she feels lucky to have made Hollywood her reality, she is clear that she does not want the city to become her life as well. "I have great friends and incredible things have happened to me in Hollywood, but the lifestyle, the exposure and the constant commercial interests are not for me," he acknowledged a year ago to Vanity Fair USA magazine . After receiving her first Golden Globe nomination in 2020 for the best lead in a comedy for Daggers from behind , De Armas looks to her future with the same enthusiasm with which she began more than 15 years ago, but with a new maturity that it allows you to intersperse your big projects with a life focused on yours and those to come. The cardboard Ana de Armas is still in Ben Affleck's trash, but the real one still has a lot to explore.

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