Another hit of COVID-19 to the Mexican celebrity: Ferka and Christian Estrada tested positive


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Actors Ferka and Christian Estrada announced that they tested positive for COVID-19, former participants of the Warriors 2020 program affirmed that they are suffering from some of the symptoms of the disease. Both reported that they are following the quarantine measures recommended by the authorities, which is why they isolated themselves in their department.

Ferka and Christian Estrada have been one of the most controversial couples so far in 2020, since they both met in the Televisa project known as Warriors 2020 , where they started a relationship, which was very controversial, because between accusations of a possible infidelity and even entered the scandal Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán's daughter, who claimed to be Estrada's ex-partner and aired rumors related to the constant infidelities that the actor would have committed when he was his partner.

The contagion of Ferka and Christian Estrada is the most recent that has been made known within the entertainment world, since some entertainment personalities have decided to keep it a secret, as was the case of Carlos Cuevas, who in the middle of the conflict With his sister Aida, he caught the disease but decided to keep the information to himself, although he claimed that he passed his quarantine period in calm.

Another recent case was Kalimba, who was strongly affected by the symptoms of the disease and who even sent a message to the population to exercise more care and prevent them from catching the disease. Something that Kalimba wanted to take advantage of to make visible thousands of workers who live from informal sales, so they have to leave their homes daily in order to find a livelihood and asked that they not be criticized as it is a condition beyond their control. possibilities:

There are those who live from day to day and those people asking them to stay in their homes for 15 days is not enough, the campaign should be to ask people who have the opportunity to pay them for those days, so that they can go home (...) Right now I see a lot of judgment on the part of many Mexicans, angry because there are still people out there, in the streets, when we should stay at home. They have to know that not everyone can afford that luxury, Europe yes, China yes, New York yes, but I imagine that all the <i> homeless </i> of New York are still there

There was also the case of Lalo Spain, who confirmed today that he also tested positive for the disease, who reported that he feels very shocked by having the disease and said that he feels very sad but affirmed that he hopes to get out well. of the illness.

This is what the comedian said:

It is my moral obligation to report that I just tested positive for COVID. At the moment I feel sad and I don't know how to accommodate my thoughts and emotions

The case of Lalo Spain joins that of other comedians and actors that make up the "Comic Quarantine", such as Ariel Miramontes and Andrea Escalona, who had a cross with the morning program "Hoy", where Andrea was also infected Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, who recently just returned to broadcast. Similarly, it is the case of Paul Stanley, who has also just returned to the Televisa project.

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