Armie Hammer leaves a movie with Jennifer Lopez after a controversy about her sexual fantasies


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Actor Armie Hammer has decided to abandon his next project due to the controversy in which he has been immersed in recent days about his alleged sexual fantasies. According to several American media, Hammer will not participate in Shotgun Wedding , the new comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and whose filming begins this year. The departure of the interpreter comes after an alleged leak on social networks this weekend of disturbing messages attributed to the actor in which he talks about sexual fantasies and cannibalism. The authenticity of those messages has not yet been verified.

“I am not responding to these lies, but in light of the vicious and spurious attacks on the Internet against me, my conscience does not allow me to leave my children for four months to film a film in the Dominican Republic, ”Hammer said in a statement, adding that he has the support of the production company. "Lionsgate is supporting me on this, and I am very grateful to them for that." In a previous statement, a production spokesperson said: "Given Shotgun Wedding's imminent start date, Armie has requested to step away from the film and we support him in his decision."

Leaked messages allegedly attributed to Hammer describe fantasies rape and cannibalism and were leaked by various anonymous social media accounts. In one of those alleged messages from Hammer to a woman he said that he was "100% cannibalistic", while another text allegedly spoke of tearing bones and muscles. "It makes me horny to think about holding your heart with your hand and controlling it when it beats," says one of the messages that the actor has supposedly sent. “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you. Damn, it's scary to admit. I've never admitted it before. I have cut out the heart of a previously living animal and ate it while it was still warm. ”

"Multiple Armie Hamer victims have revealed that he used his fame to manipulate them into having sex, calling them 'kittens' and telling them he wanted to drink their blood," revealed a tweeter on Sunday, who made a thread showing several of the captures he had of different users. Other images were of Instagram and Tik Tok users who showed their support, as they claimed to have received similar messages. In fact, there are some captures in which, allegedly, he asks a girl to meet because he needs to "drink her blood" and she accepts. "Will you give it to me tomorrow? Don't forget that you are mine ”, he asks her.

You enter the alleged evidence to show that it was Armie Hammer who was on the other side of the screen, they showed several videos in which their Instagram conversations were seen with the verified account of the actor, an audio in which the one that looked like his voice or an alleged message from his ex-partner, Courtney Vucekovich, confirming the story, but nothing is proven yet.

It is not the first time that Hammer has been involved in a controversy of a sexual nature. Already in 2017, the interpreter of hits such as Call Me by Your Name (2017) and La red social (2010) He garnered a lot of criticism when it became known that he had liked some posts about bondage and domination sex. The actor had previously spoken in an interview about his unconventional sexual practices. In 2013, he had no qualms about revealing intimate details to Playboy about his past sexual habits, as well as the change he made in that aspect when he married the mother of his two children and now ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers. “I liked to hold the neck and the hair and all that. […] But then you get married and your sexual appetites change. And I mean it for the better, it's not like I'm suffering in any way. But you can't really pull your wife's hair. There comes a point where you say, 'I respect you too much for doing these things I want to do,' Hammer told the men's magazine. Months later, he seemed remorseful and blamed his own statements on alcohol. "Do not drink during an interview," acknowledged E! News when asked about it.

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