Because Belinda's affair with Christian Nodal is very different from the one she had with Lupillo Rivera


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Belinda behaved very differently with Lupillo Rivera to how she is doing with Christian Nodal (IG: nodal/belindapop/lupilloriveraofficial)

He lived with both in the program La Voz México, but the romance Belinda had with Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal developed very differently.

If with Lupillo it was all mystery and speculations alededor, with Christian Nodal there was already an official confirmation .

The chemistry with Lupillo was evident during the broadcasts of the TV Azteca. They were then captured on a trip and in some celebration together, and even Rivera tattooed Belinda's face on his arm, but the star always spoke of him as a friend.

Lupillo and Belinda met during their work on "The Voice" (IG: lavozazteca)

"We're friends and he's one of the most amazing people I've ever met, 's a great human being and I hope he'll be a lifelong friend. He's a great partner, just like the (other) three coaches. They said (I have an affair) with Lupillo because we get along so well and we're sitting together and people get a lot of laughter. They think they can talk and say too much. It's not true," the interpreter told People in Spanish when the romance rumors were already louder.

It was said, for example, that Lupillo accompanied her to the recording of her album with Los Angeles Azules.

Rivera was also seen arriving at Belinda's house, but they were never caught in a loving attitude nor did they speak at the time of anything more than a friendship.

Belinda never wanted to talk about romance with Lupillo (Photo: Special)

The outlook changed, however, in October last year, when Lupillo himself confirmed what many already suspected: he did have an affair with Belinda.

"I met Belinda in The Voice in March. March 27 was a very beautiful day, special and August 27th was the end. It was five months and she was a woman I loved madly, she was a woman I really wanted, a woman that I honestly would have taken the sky down and the stars, I had never loved a woman so much in my life, that easy," Lupillo confessed to the show Chisme No Like.

At that time the singer foreseed a negative reaction from Belinda. "Already if she claims me to say what I'm saying because I'll already settle for her," she said.

For months he speculated about his romance until Lupillo confirmed it (Instagram: yahirmusic)

And it seems that Belinda did not take well Rivera's statements, for first she decided to remain silent and weeks later, when she was forced to speak, not even to mention the name of her former partner in The Voice dd before the media: "I speak of no one ever, because I speak for me and me. I'm a person who focuses on my work, I don't like to give what to talk about, so I don't talk about myself, my private life or my stuff, that's why I focus on my work, because that's what I do. Then let them talk whatever they want, I'm happy, winning as usual."

"There are always people like that, I am happy with my work, I have nothing bad to say about anyone, nothing to talk about. There are such parents going on around me that it's the only thing I can focus on," he added.

The Affair with Nodal

Unlike Lupillo, Belinda did let herself be affectionate with Nodal and on social media a stir broke after the Mexican regional interpreter himself confirmed the relationship.

Nodal uploaded a couple of images with Belinda along with the phrase "I love you" to his Instagram stories .

Cristian Nodal y Belinda (Photo: Instagram@ nodal)

In recent years, the singer has been totally airtight about her personal life,

It was not known, for example, that he had a loving relationship with the plastic cirujano Ben Talei to several images of the couple appeared by surprise on the singer's Instagram.

Belinda's press manager claimed the surgeon hacked the singer's phone to make the photos public.

Belinda has been more open in her romance with Nodal (Photo: Instagram@ lavoztvazteca)

Weeks after that incident the romance, which had remained hidden from the media, was over.

But this time, Belinda not only allowed Nodal to post the loving message, too on the official Instagram account of La Voz Mexico a photo of both was posted and a message confirming the romance, to which Belinda responded with some heart emojis.

The official message of their romance

The only thing that hasn't changed is Belinda's silence that, it seems, prefers to fully keep the details of her romantic relationships.

Now we'll have to see if their relationship manages to transcend the recent season of La Voz México.


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