Belinda confessed that Christian Nodal would like to see her with a body full of tattoos


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This Tuesday Belinda gave what to talk about among the fans of the Let's Talk Fashion podcast , a broadcast in which the singer was invited and where she talked about her different look changes . His fondness for designer garments was exposed in the program where he also revealed details of his so mediatic courtship with Christian Nodal.

And the couple confirmed their romance in August 2020, after closeness between them was rumored in the program La Voz México , where both were part of the team of coaches in charge of potentiating the talent of the participants

Although at first it was speculated that their romance was an advertising strategy to raise the audience ratings of the reality show , the truth is is that at the end of the TV Azteca program , the also actress of Spanish descent and the 22-year-old native of Caborca have continued to show their love.

As the months went by, their sentimental relationship intensified and it was in September that the two Popular artists were tattooed as a symbol of their love: him, Belinda's gaze on his chest and his apocope next to his ear, as well as an arrow on his left wrist ; and she, a small heart on the ankle with the initials of Christian Nodal .

The most impressive tattoo, that of Belinda's eyes on Nodal's pectorals, went viral after she shared the image on her Instagram stories, so her love was marked by tattoos, of which they are both enthusiasts.

Regarding her love of tattoos , Belinda revealed in the aforementioned podcast that her boyfriend would very much like to see her tattooed from head to toe , as As it appears in the video of the song Amor a primera vista , a single that she released in 2019 as a duet with Los Ángeles Azules.

When asked, 'Would you tattoo your whole body?', the singer expressed 'Oh, my boyfriend would love it , but I don't know. I had one and I did the others and that is why I am very afraid every time I see someone who does tattoos because it makes me want to ”, unleashing laughter from the announcers. And it is that Nodal has revealed some of his dozens of tattoos and has even implied that he has several designs in hidden areas of his body.

Belinda was transformed as in his video "Love at first sight" for the Spotify Awards (Video: Instagram @belindapop)

The issue came up because the look of "chola" has been one of the most disruptive of Belinda, clothing that she chose to promote the cumbia that she recorded with the Iztapalapa group, in whose video she appears on her feet head to head with fantasy tattoos. This same look was used by the singer in the last installment of the Spotify Awards , which took place in March 2020.

“I remember that I was the first to arrive at the National Auditorium, there was no one, they opened the dressing room for me and we stayed for about eight hours because The tattoos are all painted, they are not stickers, they are not stamps that you put on and that's it. They are artists who came to paint my whole body, "said the singer.

" It arose because in the video Amor a primer vista there is something all tattooed by the cholo look that fascinates me, the braids and tattoos, and so it was, We were in the dressing room for eight hours and we listened to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana, Radiohead, well, all the rock bands we heard that day doing the look . It was a lot of fun and I sang the song ... those eight hours to sing three and a half minutes , "he added.

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