Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, the relationship that nobody trusted and still lasts


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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas crossed their paths just a year ago. When in November 2019 the actors began filming the film that both star in, Deep Water , whose premiere scheduled for this month has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, neither of them imagined that another much more personal one would come from this project : your relationship as a couple. A few months later, in March, the actors were seen during a trip to her homeland, Cuba , and also in Costa Rica , and the confirmation came when the interpreter who became known in the Spanish series El internado published in her social networks several photographs for his 32nd birthday in which he appeared hugging the Batman actor .

Since then neither of them hides. She has met the family he formed with fellow actress Jennifer Garner, from whose decade-long marriage three children were born: Violet, 14; Seraphina, 11; and Samuel, 8. He plays with them, goes out for a walk and teaches them Spanish. He also meets the actor's mother, Christine Affleck, who ran away for a few days with her son and daughter-in-law to Georgia in the summer, and the interpreter's innermost circle, who assures that De Armas has been "a great influence" on Affleck to overcome his problems with alcohol, an addiction for which he has been hospitalized on several occasions and against which he has been battling for several years.

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After their first summer together , in which they have had time to enjoy with family and friends, such as when they spent a few days on the beaches of Malibu with Matt Damon and his wife, the Argentine Luciana Barroso, close friends of Affleck, since A few weeks ago some American portals have talked about a possible separation of the couple. With the arrival of autumn, the almost daily public displays of affection - walking their respective pets together, images of both on their social networks or riding the motorcycle that Ana de Armas gave Ben Affleck for his birthday - began to decrease as the couple fulfilled their work obligations that have taken them to different states. However, Affleck and de Armas have returned to the right path where they started and have been seen again these days in New Orleans, during the filming of some scenes of the film in which both play a married couple and which is about to end.

The connection between the two was immediate during the first days of filming. "They had a lot of chemistry from the get-go," sources close to the couple told People at the time. Something that De Armas herself corroborated a few months ago in an interview with Vogue , where she praised the work of the one who is now her partner . "The first time we read the scenes together, it was pretty clear that he was going to do something exceptional with a very complex role," he said of Affleck, 47. “Not only does he know how to do it with ease, but he also manages to surprise you with every shot. His talent is infinite, "the actress continued to compliment her partner.

The reunion this week after several days separated by their professions caused a great stir among their companions on the set , who gawked at the kisses and hugs that the actors professed to be continuous way; and also among her admirers, who idealized the possibility of a greater commitment in their relationship when they saw a large diamond ring on the actress's hand. In an image on the set, you can see the jewel that De Armas wears, but according to E! News is simply an accessory of the character that the actress plays, since last year she was seen using this same accessory. “Ben seemed ecstatic to see Ana again after being separated from her for a few weeks. They were very happy to be together and could not take their hands off each other, "said a witness to the same US portal. “Between takes and takes they kissed non-stop. They were very sweet and clearly they had missed each other, ”said another.

What there is no doubt is that in addition to their personal situation, both enjoy a full moment also professionally. While Affleck seems to have returned to direct his life away from alcohol and with several projects on the horizon - in addition to Deep Water, this year he has also released The Way Back , where he plays a basketball coach trying to get out of his addictions and His latest I wish, on Netflix—, for De Armas this 2020 has been a year full of triumphs and successes .

The Cuban-Spanish actress who achieved fame in 2007 thanks to the successful Spanish youth series El Internado was not wrong when eight years later, and almost forced by the absence of roles beyond sexy adolescent, he decided to cross the pond to establish himself professionally in Hollywood . There he has been since then and there he has taken a high flight to a career of unsuspected success, conquering directors, producers and the public alike. She has been nominated for the first time for a Golden Globe for the best lead in a comedy for Daggers in the back - which was finally won by actress Awkwafina for The Farewell -; she stars as the new Bond girl in No Time to Die , the latest installment in the famous spy saga whose premiere has been postponed by the pandemic; and has been seen characterized as Marilyn Monroe for the Netflix biopic, Blonde .

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