Bertin Osborne, the reasons and the pain of his marriage breakdown


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Bertín Osborne and his wife Fabiola Martínez have separated . A relationship of 20 years and 14 of marriage that everyone considered final, has come to an end and the singer takes responsibility for this end that is deeply affecting him. This Sunday before the imminent appearance of the news in a television program, the singer published a statement in which he recognized that the separation of his marriage was a fact, in which he specified that there were no third parties who motivated the decision and in the that he assumed, in some way, the final responsibility. "I confess that I am complicated on a day-to-day basis and I assume full responsibility for the reasons that led to this decision," said the singer.

A piece of news that caught most of us by surprise but that, viewed in perspective, should have taken months brewing. In October of last year Osborne made the news on social networks again for his harsh reaction against a youtuber called El Nadista who gave wrong information about his family - he said that his eldest son, Kike, was hospitalized for coronavirus and referred to Fabiola as his ex-wife– and the artist responded in a video in which he called him a “scoundrel” for “doing business with these things and on top of it with lies”. "When I saw him I had already deceived 60,000 people," he said.

This newspaper then contacted Osborne to ask him about the controversy and his new projects and the singer, usually outgoing and close, was subdued and reticent at first. moment: " I'm down, I'm not looking forward," he said before deciding to grant an interview that was conducted by videoconference. Finally, he spoke about his new projects on Canal Sur, El show de Bertín; of the new recordings of Mi casa es la tuya , the talk show that has made him almost more famous than his career as a singer, and also made it of his family. According to him, he was very discouraged and somehow tried to justify his evident state of mind by attributing it to how the months of pandemic and confinement were affecting him. "I have not seen my family for many days to take extreme precautions to avoid contagion because every two or three days I have a recording of my programs," he said then, just shortly after it became known that Kike and some other family members had tested positive for covid, although they were without serious symptoms of the disease. He also told, and attributed it to work reasons, that his family lived in Madrid, while he was based in his home in Seville.

His wife, Fabiola, always ends up appearing in his conversations, and she was not lacking on that occasion. First, because he does not stop recognizing the effort and strength that he has shown since the birth of Kike, their first child in common who was born with serious consequences due to the listeria that affected the fetus during pregnancy, and secondly because part of the Her family has lived in the singer's environment since they had to leave Venezuela, his wife's country of origin, and Osborne feels very involved with the situation in that country that he confesses to love so much for the direct contact he has had through his professional trips as for the roots of his still in-laws.

In that interview, his state of mind was noticed when the conversation turned to the family issue and he pronounced some words that now seem prophetic: “Family is the most important thing for everyone, some They know it and others may find out at some point in their life. When you are young, the priorities are different, but when you become a reasonably reasonable person, you realize it and reposition them, ”he said.

Bertín Osborne, who has achieved a relevant role as an interviewer, also shows that he misses more activity as a singer, a fact that has been influenced by the consequences of the pandemic in the last year. "On television I'm going to have fun and go to a job, but what I like the most is getting on stage and singing," he told EL PAÍS. “When I hear the musicians I come up like a blind. I felt it in 1981 and it continues to happen to me now, that doesn't happen to me on television, ”he confessed.

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez met in 2001, when the model participated in a casting to be part of the cast of a video clip that was going to be made to promote one of the singer's rancheras songs. A meeting in which they felt a crush, as they later confessed, and which ended in a wedding five years later when they got married on June 10, 2006 at the Hacienda San José, their farm in Seville, surrounded by all their family. The glamor that accompanied the couple during their first years together was transformed into struggle and solidarity with the arrival of their first son, Norberto Enrique, who was born prematurely in early 2007 with a brain injury caused by a lysterioris. "They told us that he would not speak or see or walk ...", said the ex-partner later. Since then, especially Fabiola but also Bertín, they have devoted themselves to finding solutions for their son and the difficulties they encountered along the way led them to create a foundation that helps families in the same situation, especially to find solutions, doctors and paths that they had to travel alone but supported by the economic boom they enjoy, as they have recognized many times.

In 2008 their second son, Carlos, was born, a boy whose father says he is “very clever and very artist ”, And who, like his parents, turns to his older brother, who has had to undergo surgery several times to solve various problems related to his illness and aimed at improving his quality of life. During all this time, Fabiola Martínez's professional life has been relegated to the background and she has devoted herself fully to her children and the Bertín Osborne Foundation, of which the singer admits is its main promoter. The artist has always publicly acknowledged the work of his wife within the family environment, but also her generosity and dedication to the families who come to seek help from the foundation. "Mother is the most beautiful word in any language, but mothers of children with cerebral palsy are the GEOs of mothers, that's why I want to thank you for everything you do," he said in one of their last public appearances together. PP Bertín Osborne has three other daughters from his first marriage to Sandra Domecq, who died of cancer after years of divorce. Alejandra, Eugenia and Claudia form with Kike and Carlos, a compact family group to which Ana Cristina joins the daughter that Sandra had with her second husband Fernando Portillo. A group that now must relocate but will find a way to maintain the affections that unite them as happened when Osborne separated from his first wife: “Even though we were not married, I adored her and helped her in everything. I always remember the great times, and the good side of my marriage was wonderful, ”she said in October about her relationship with Domecq. Now it is time for that spirit to be transferred to the relationship with Fabiola Martínez and all her children, a fact that will undoubtedly happen because both continue to show mutual respect and admiration.

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