Between opulence and romance: this was Pena Nieto's vacation in Punta Cana with Tania Ruiz


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Enrique Peña Nieto has stayed away from the spotlight despite the fact that his tenure as President of Mexico has been exposed on more than one occasion and there are several complaints against members of his cabinet. But although his image has been hidden for almost two years, his most recent winter vacation did not go unnoticed and it was learned that he stayed with his family and his girlfriend Tania Ruiz in a luxurious villa located in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.

According to the Telemundo entertainment program, Suelta la sopa , the former presidential family enjoyed an exclusive Christmas break away from the scandals and accusations against the politician from the State of Mexico.

In the images presented you can see a pool and private beach, as well as spacious rooms and adequate rest facilities for six people: Peña Nieto, his girlfriend Tania Ruiz, his mother and the three children he had with Mónica Pretelini.

Commentators classified this place as a "paradise" in the middle of Punta Cana, with crystal clear waters, large private areas and a cost of around USD 8,000 or 5,000 per night.

Peña Nieto and his family could enjoy a very expensive winter vacation

It was Ailinn Mujica, host of Suelta la sopa , who gave more details about how the life of the former Mexican president has been.

“Apparently, Enrique Peña Nieto was in in Spain and traveled to the Dominican Republic to spend Christmas and New Years with friends and family. They arrived on December 22, it seems, to stay until the beginning of January, but since they really liked the paradise where they were and they extended the contract for the house to stay, they say, until January 16. So imagine it is approximately twenty-two days, ”said the Cuban actress and host.

Juan Manuel Cortés, for his part, confirmed that these vacations served to rediscover Peña Nieto with his children, his mother and Tania Ruiz , because of the restrictions health services imposed by the pandemic had not been found for many months.

“Not only did he meet again with Tania Ruiz, with whom they tell me, he will stay until February. Not in this village in the Dominican Republic, they tell me they are in another place, but they are together, they are together ”, he commented.

“ Tania was not with her daughter, because her daughter spent New Years with her father in Los Cabos. The only certain thing is that this romance between Peña Nieto and Tania Ruiz continues and what we see is that Peña Nieto has no intention of visiting Mexico, "he added.

explained that in the images of the celebration shared by Paulina and Alejandro Peña, one sees the mother of the former president, whom he had not seen for a long time either.

Mujica also wanted to distance Angélica Rivera from these luxurious vacations and it is that recently she was also singled out by TV Notes magazine for enjoying a very expensive rest but in Aspen, Colorado.

“In this program we saw at the airport that Angelica traveled with her daughters on a commercial flight and it was not even an expensive airline. In Aspen very few people go shopping, because they go skiing, "he said before the statements of the Mexican publication.

Both Paulina and Alejandro Peña shared several images of their family reunion on December 31, 2020 and it was like that that we learned that Tania Ruiz also celebrated the holiday with them

The son of the Mexican politician also shared photographs with the brothers Luis and Santiago Miranda, sons of Luis Miranda Nava, current federal deputy for the PRI, who held various positions in the governorship such as presidency of EPN and is also the godfather of Nicole, the youngest daughter of the former president. Likewise, Fernando Tena, Paulina Peña's boyfriend and son of former footballer and Bravos de Juárez coach, Luis Fernando Tena, could be seen.

Peña Nieto's management in the Presidency of Mexico has been evidenced on more than one occasion because the Higher-level officials, such as Salvador Cienfuegos, Rosario Robles or Emilio Lozoya, have been denounced of different crimes and are under process before the authorities of the United States and Mexico.

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