Between scandals and betrayals, they are the most hated of MasterChef Mexico 2020


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In each edition of MasterChef, the personalities of each of the participants come to light as the difficulty of the competition increases. In this edition the participants who have gained the reputation of being the most hated are: Itzel Paniagua, Erubiel Sosa and for this chapter Salime Sadek joined.

Each of them, on their own merits, have qualified to be despised by the Masterchef public. Itzel for her classist comments, Erubiel for bad hygiene and Salime for despising Isabel for her way of speaking.

Itzel has starred in various conflicts with her kitchen colleagues since she claims to be the best contestant on the show and despises the advice they give her , especially with her partner Isabel, because she despises her work for being an artisan.

She considers herself to be a "Different class" from the rest of the participants, she assumes that her cooking experience will always bring her forward and lead her to win the MasterChef 2020 trophy.

In the evening chapter, when chefs Betty, Herrera and José Ramón announced that they would cook an aphrodisiac dish showed their rejection "the name seems pathetic to me" was Itzel's opinion about the team challenge.

To her bad fortune, she had to work in the team of Doña Isabel , who won the captains challenge and commanded the blue team. For the assignment of tasks and organization of the team, Isabel had difficulties since she did not take the leadership role , at the time of presenting the dessert she refused to listen to the opinions of her companions Itzel and Salime, so she decided to make a dry bread that did not received good reviews from diners.

To the cooks' surprise, the evening's guests were two celebrities with their respective partners. Arturo Islas was one of the diners , who at the time of giving his review said he was surprised by a condiment that "almost knocks his teeth out" because of its hard consistency and that Isabel's bread was so dry that it was paid to the palate, no It met your expectations of the MasterChef kitchen. The networks did not stop showing their rejection of the criticism of Arturo Islas, calling it exaggerated.

The ratings of the guests put the blue team at a disadvantage, which led them to lose the challenge. Itzel and Salime were in charge of the dessert and they did not hesitate to blame Isabel. They claimed that he did not know how to command the team and that his lack of communication was the essential factor in his defeat, "he does not know how to express himself" was one of the comments that Salime made. Doña Isabel used her captain power to climb onto the balcony and save herself from the challenge of elimination.

For his part, Erubiel Sosa has shown his little hygiene in the kitchen in these first episodes of the contest. He is a totally disorganized cook, and he also manipulates his dishes with his hands.

The judges have constantly repeated to him that cleanliness is elementary and he should not touch or taste food with his hands because the health of the diners is at his expense , however, he has ignored such warnings, which led him to face the elimination challenge .

In the elimination challenge Erubiel, Itzel and Salime faced each other , the Internet users enjoyed the moment since they bet that one of the most hated would leave the MasterChef kitchen.

The dishes were randomly assigned they had to cook, all this under the theme of a wedding banquet. Erubiel got dessert, which she had never done before, Itzel got white mole and Salime got a marinade.

Erubiel's poor performance in the confectionery and the poor composition of Itzel's mole put them on a tightrope , their same colleagues wanted them to leave the competition, however, that did not happen. The one eliminated was Cuauhtémoc due to a poorly performed marinade.


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