Borja Thyssen, about to make Carmen Cervera a grandmother for the fifth time


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Borja Thyssen has long been away from the media spotlight due to the appearance of the pandemic but above all because of the problems that he has dragged on for years with the Treasury and that have brought him before the judge on several occasions. The baroness's son is settled in Andorra, where he now has his tax domicile and where he spends the time necessary to comply with the rules of residence. To maintain residence abroad, any taxpayer must show that they stay in that country for more than half the year, that is, 183 days. His wife Blanca Cuesta and their four children live in Madrid, where Borja travels whenever he can. For all this, it is difficult to follow the day-to-day of the couple. The last time they were photographed was last summer in Formentera. It has been now when it has been known that they are expecting their fifth child, news that the magazine Hello !, always in charge of giving the news of the Thyssen family. The baby they are expecting is a girl who joins Sacha, 12, Eric, 10, Enzo, 8 and Kala, 5. The marriage has been together for 20 years and Blanca will be a mother for the fifth time at 46 years old.

Blanca Cuesta, Former model, five or ten years older than him - depending on the publication that is consulted - and with no known work other than making his fame profitable by painting pictures that have been put up for sale for 9,000 euros on average, he is a key figure in the life of Borja Thyssen. They married in October 2007 after several years of relationship and when Cuesta was pregnant with the first of their children. This union did not have the presence of Carmen Thyssen, who until recently had shared vacations and complicity with the girlfriend of her only son. Some sources speculate that Borja's youth - he was 17 years old when his relationship with Cuesta began - made him think of a relationship that would not continue. The moment of greatest friction came when the baroness demanded a paternity test to show that the first child she was expecting was her son. Now the couple maintains a cordial relationship with the baroness although they are not seen together in public as much as in the past.

Carmen Cervera appointed Borja Thyssen as the new patron of the public institution that manages the foundation that she directs last July. It is the step prior to the succession that he has devised for his son , whom he places in the chair occupied by the Infanta Pilar de Borbón. The baron's widow, once the family turbulence that confronted her with her son has been overcome , wants to defend Borja's honor at all costs and guarantee him his position as vice president for life of the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. Cervera's movement was carried out despite the fact that Borja was suspended from the Board of Trustees of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga two years ago, while the legal proceedings for alleged tax fraud last. Málaga Now, the municipal brand of Podemos, presented the motion of censure against the employer and was seconded by the rest of the opposition (PSOE, IU and Ciudadanos) to remove Cervera's son. She named her nephew Guillermo Cervera, then director of the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum, her son's substitute on the board of the Malaga center.

Borja Thyssen was acquitted of the crime of tax fraud for which he was tried on November 13, 2019 and by the that he faced a minimum of two years in prison and a fine of 595,000 euros, in addition to the payment of 592,557.72 euros in tax debt. The judge considered that there was insufficient evidence that in 2007 he pretended to live in Andorra to avoid taxes from the exclusives he sold to the magazine ¡Hola !. The Prosecutor's Office had appealed the sentence of the Criminal Court 22 of Madrid, which acquitted him of a crime of tax fraud.

This has not been a good year for Borja Thyssen. On June 25 , his biological father passed away . Despite always occupying the background, Manuel Segura always mediated in the confrontation between mother and son, which led them to be apart for several years. "I have done everything I can to iron out differences and bring them closer together, and sometimes I have traveled with them because if I had not gone, they would not have been together," he declared in Save Me Deluxe . Something that Carmen Cervera herself has admitted in an interview when asked if Manuel Segura was the link between the two: "No, although perhaps sometimes he must be a little." It has been common in recent years to see Segura with Borja and his family. Together they spent time on vacations and enjoyed family events. On many of these occasions Baroness Thyssen was also there.

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