Brigitte Bardot faces the hunters head-on


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Brigitte Bardot's targeting of hunters isn't new. This time, however, for hunting enthusiasts it has gone too far. The National Federation of Hunters (FNC) has denounced the advertising campaign that the animal defense foundation led by the former actress has launched since the beginning of the month, which it accuses of "stigmatization, social racism and incitement to hatred" against the hunters . His representatives have promised to take the old icon of French cinema to court. Once again.

The reason for this new confrontation, the umpteenth between Bardot and the defenders of hunting, are the 1,500 advertising posters that the organization of the exactriz has deployed on French roads. Imitating the logo and copying the slogan of the official campaign of the French Government in the fight against the coronavirus , the banners launch an appeal to hunters: "Save lives, stay home," calls for the publicity of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which adds various data: 141 accidents, 11 of them fatal, in the 2019-2020 season. And 30 million animals killed, recall the posters, citing figures from the French Biodiversity Office.

In its presentation of the campaign, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation goes further. It claims "Sundays without hunting", stating that "50% of hunting accidents occur on Sundays, days of rest and leisure for the majority of French people."

"Hunters, who represent around 1.5% of the population, they appropriate nature every day to the detriment of 98% of non-hunters ", maintains the Foundation , which denounces the" successive governments "of having always given in to the hunters' lobby - an accusation that they launch especially against the current president, Emmanuel Macron - except for a brief period, from 2000 to 2003, when a ban on hunting was issued on Wednesdays.

To support its demand, the foundation publishes on its website a survey by the Ifop institute carried out in March, according to which “71% of the French do not feel safe when they go for a walk in nature during hunting season”. He also cites figures from the French Biodiversity Office, according to which, he states, the last five hunting seasons (2015-2020) “have caused 674 accidents, 57 of them fatal. In 20 years, hunters have killed more than 400 people! ”He adds.

What has most outraged the hunter lobby is the imitation of the government's campaign against the coronavirus , of which it emulates the motto (stay in home to save lives). “When comparing us to a deadly virus that has already killed almost 100,000 people (in France), hunters are presented as murderers, when hunting accidents represent 0.00001% of our practices, and we count on average one death of not a hunter per year ”, replied the president of the FNC, Willy Schraen, who has spent years facing the old muse of French cinema, who will turn 87 in September and has been retired from the big screen for decades, dedicated to the defense of animals .

The vice president of the hunting federation of the Charente-Maritime region, Jean-Bernard Le Larquier, also denounced this Monday on the France Bleu station a campaign “lying and misleading because it uses the codes of the anticovid campaign. He asks us to stay home to save lives. But we have a regulatory mission, which is the control of large animals. Today, in France, wild boars cause 80,000 accidents on the roads. If we stop, it will be 150 or 200,000 and the Bardot Foundation will have to go and explain to the families of the victims why they died ”, he said. According to the station, the regional organization has already filed a complaint against the Bardot Foundation for incitement to hatred and defamation.

The confrontations between Bardot and the hunters are long overdue. The former actress also had a pending trial, sued by the FNC after it claimed, in late 2019, that the hunters "carry the genes of cruel barbarism inherited from our primitive ancestors." The old icon of French cinema has been condemned on several occasions by the French justice, among others for racist statements .

Source: Elpais

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