Bronco introduced its new member: Arsenio Guajardo will enter in place of Ramiro Delgado Jr.


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A few days ago, the Bronco group made the departure of accordionist Ramiro Delgado Jr. Official, so they looked for someone to fill his place. Thus, on Wednesday afternoon they announced that the keyboardist Arsenio Guajardo, better known as “Neno” , would be the one who joins the famous band.

Through a virtual press conference, Lupe Esparza pointed out that the young man has with great charisma and has on his shoulders a great baggage of musical talent , so he hopes that he will fit in the best way to continue the inheritance.

He also indicated that the history of the group must continue despite the circumstances that surround her .

On her Instagram account, “Neno” published an image where she can be seen together with Javier Cantú, Lupe Esparza and their children René and Jose Adán, and accompanied her with a message in which she states that being a member of this band is a dream come true.

Dreams come true! I am infinitely grateful to God and my colleagues for this great opportunity. To the Bronco fans for their great reception . Give it everything, ”he wrote.

On January 5, a day after the departure of Ramiro Delgado Jr. was announced , Guajardo uploaded a photograph to his account in which he is seen wearing a cowboy hat . And he wrote the mysterious question “ What will it look like? ”.

Among the responses, several of his followers already indicated that he would be the new member of Bronco . Among the emojis of horses and faces with hats, the arroba of René Esparza appeared , who with an emoticon of doubt cleared most of the questions that had been had until then .

Who is Arsenio Guajardo?

El " Neno " was born in Guadalupe, Nuevo León , into a family of musicians. His grandfather, Gabino Guajardo , played the accordion at public events in his birthplace, Los Ramones municipality .

Both his grandfather's influence and his father's musical taste motivated him to continue his career on stage with him. accordion in his hands. At the age of six, during a television program hosted by Verónica Castro , he discovered Bronco and decided to be like them .

During 2002, the 17-year-old enrolled in Lupe Esparza's gym, located in Apodaca . When he got there he mentioned to the leader of Bronco , who at that time had his group “Durango” , about his taste and ability to play the accordion. He called him to the studio, gave him Ramiro's instrument and was invited to the group that his sons José and René were forming: Trotamundos .

His arrival in Bronco took place after the departure of Ramiro Delgado Jr. , which was given announced in a press release issued on social networks, which read that "l a decision was made voluntarily for personal growth, so we support their desire to undertake new projects not related to music" .

the Musician joined the group in April 2019 , after the retirement of his father, Ramiro Delgado , who denounced physical abuse and financial mismanagement.

Despite the fact that Ramiro Delgado Junior's term in Bronco was apparently consensual and cordial , fans turned to negative comments for the band.

Although some of their fans endorsed their support for Bronco , in the comment box of the press release you can read a huge The majority of messages that question the departure of the musician from the group, with a main noted: Lupe Esparza .

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