Caifanes in crisis: Sabo Romo in negotiations to continue with the band


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Caifanes is about to give one of the most anticipated concerts of the pandemic, where we will be able to enjoy them completely live from the comfort of our seats in one of the already famous Mexican autoconcerts.

However, the band goes through a bitter drink, well Sabo Romo , one of its founding members and, therefore, one of the most beloved by the public, questioned his stay in the rock band

The bassist spoke with Javier Poza about the situation he now faces as a band and Romo assured that they are administrative problems , as well as some other friction, but they are already working on a resolution.

“In this case, the only thing that is happening, this is only the continuation of the beginning ; because in the end there are many things, especially at an administrative level with which we have not reconciled adequately, with which we have had some friction, over many years and we have tried to solve it in the best way , the most convenient for both parties, and for some reason, it does not arrive, ”he said on Radio Fórmula .

In this regard, he assured that the pandemic could also aggravate things between the members, since coexistence, negotiations or talks are not easy when a virus drives them away , prevents them from having contact and finally reaching a resolution.

All of the above, he assured, put him in a situation that "I just don't like", according to his intervention in the radio program that can already be found on YouTube . And he ruled that if a contract comes to him that he does not like at all, he will not be obliged to sign it either with Caifanes or with another project that requires his participation.

“But we are obliged to try to understand it and from there establish a negotiation; This part of the process is where we are now. Finally, a door opens where we can negotiate at a legal, commercial and legal level, ”he told the musical journalist of shows.

In addition, he questioned the concerts in the capital, as he assured that within the context of a pandemic, it also remains open the possibility of a reversal in the epidemiological semaphore and, therefore, their cancellation

In this context, the famous bass player did not confess whether, if it were to be realized, we could see Sabo behind the bass, scratching the four strings as He has done it for so many years together with Saúl, Diego and Alfonso , but he insisted that it is something that he would like to do because it is something that goes beyond lawyers.

What he did make clear is that the feelings for his bandmates haven't changed over the years, but an industry like Caifanes is something that everyone subscribed to throughout history and should be fair to everyone.

“Finally, it seems to me that we have built As a band we have tried to convey empathy, solidarity and a situation that we do not agree with, and what happens is more natural, than many may think, because it is strictly to agree on a commercial and business situation ”, The leader of the show Rock en tu Idioma Sinfónico highlighted Javier Poza.

The emblematic band Caifanes will return in a big way live, in the format of a self- concert on December 10, 11 and 12 at Turn 4 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome , In Mexico City, the pre-sale will be held this Thursday, November 19.


The historic Mexican band Caifanes will give three presentations in a

self- concert format Sabo Romo spoke after being a victim of violence in the streets of Mexico City

Rock is not far behind, there will also be online presentations

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