Caitlyn Jenner, who was the stepfather of the Kardashians, wants to be governor of California


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From Olympic athlete to television star, from there to champion of trans rights and, now, to possible candidate for governor of the state of California, in the United States. Caitlyn Jenner, 71, is seriously considering running for the highest political office in the so-called Golden State of the United States, the most populous in the country.

It has been the political medium Axios that has made known that up to three different sources close to Jenner They have confirmed that he is seriously considering taking the step into the world of politics from the most conservative party, the Republican. In that case, he would face the Democrat Gavin Newsom, who is the 40th governor of the state, and who was previously lieutenant governor (between 2011 and 2019) and mayor of San Francisco (between 2004 and 2011). According to this online newspaper, Republicans seek to campaign strongly against Newsom because they are unhappy with his immigration and tax policies, as well as his handling of the pandemic. Something similar to what already happened in 2003, when Gray Davis lost to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jenner would run for the Republican party, of which she has always been a great defender and of which she became a true banner . In fact, he publicly demonstrated his support for Donald Trump, although in February 2017 he retracted. "From one Republican to another, this is a disaster," he snapped via Twitter. “You promised to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me ”, he would also say. In October 2018, she wrote an opinion column for the Washington Post that she headlined: “I believed Donald Trump would help the trans community. I was wrong. ”

According to Axios , Jenner is being assisted in her deliberations by a large Republican donor named Caroline Wren, whom she met at a Republican association focused on LGBT community issues. For the last 2020 elections, Wren worked on a campaign to raise funds for the former president called Trump Victory and was one of the organizers of the harangue that Trump starred on January 6, just before the assault on the US Capitol. Little is known of the policies that Caitlyn Jenner will try to carry out if she finally achieves her purpose. In an interview with People magazine last June, she explained that she identified as "economically conservative, socially progressive" and also stated that "equality is needed for everyone, regardless of who is in the White House." Already in 2017 Jenner was about to present herself as a senator, also in California. Now I'd like to go even further.

Caitlyn Jenner has been popular in America for almost half a century. His rise to fame came when, still like Bruce Jenner, he participated in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal (Canada), in which he won the gold medal in the decathlon. From there, he became quite famous in his country. There he was married three times, and had two children in each of his marriages. The latter has been the one that has given him the greatest media recognition, since he married Kris Kardashian (now Kris Jenner) in 1991. Together with her he raised the four children from her first marriage (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob ) and together they had two other daughters, the current model Kendall Jenner and the businesswoman Kylie Jenner. It was with this motley family that he became a supporting television character for his appearances on the reality show The Kardashian .

But his big public exposure came in 2015, when it became known that he was no longer Bruce Jenner to become Caitlyn. She announced it on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, where she posed glamorously in a white bodysuit in a report titled, "Call Me Caitlyn." Then he became a benchmark for the LGTB community, and even received awards in his name. Jenner got to have her own reality show or pose in Sports Illustrated with his Olympic medal , as well as to write a biography that left no one indifferent.

Five years after her sex change , Jenner explained that her transition was exciting, but that she also had doubts about it. “I wondered: does Bruce deserve to be dismissed in this way? He has done a lot of good things. He has raised 10 children. But there was no going back ”, reflected in People on his previous identity. "Bruce did everything he could, he raised those 10 kids ... now what is Caitlyn going to do?" He wondered. In addition, he also said that thanks to his change he saw opportunities to make the group visible. “I thought I was facing a great opportunity to change the world and how you think. 51% of trans people try to commit suicide. And the murder rate ... we have lost a trans black woman every two weeks. " She herself said that she was proud of her belonging: “I love my community. I really want to help ”. That is why he has focused on helping trans youth and giving scholarships to students. “This is my tour. Yes, it is different from other trans people, and I assume it. But in the end, when I wake up every morning, I feel happy with myself. ”

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