Charlene de Monaco: "I'm one thousand percent with my husband"


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Charlène de Monaco speaks little to the press and, when she does, it is almost always to repeat the same message: her firm support for Prince Albert , with whom she has been married for more than nine years but whose bond and relationship has always been surrounded by rumors. and doubts. In the new interview she has given to the French magazine Point de Vue , the former South African swimmer does not change her tactic and assures, in the same vein, that she is "one thousand percent with her husband" and her job and that "always" will accompany you in that task. Something more elusive is shown when faced with the direct question of whether she is happy: “There are more or less easy moments, as happens to everyone. But I am happy as I am, filled with what I live, I know that I am very privileged ”, she replies before noting that, as a“ deep believer ”that she is,“ she thanks God every day ”that he grants her.

The Princess of Monaco he knows his institutional role by heart and fulfills it every time he has to play his role. In fact, the occasion of the new interview, very brief, is the presentation of the new official portrait of the family, in which she poses sitting, with her husband standing behind her and hugging their twin children, Jacques and Gabrielle, who they just turned six. In the picture, Charlène sports a short hair with bangs. Nothing to do with the "punk" image that he showed in mid-December , when he was seen in a Monaco flea market with part of his head shaved. If you still keep that look, you hide it perfectly for the new official photo of the Principality. And although she admits that it took her husband to get used to it at first - "once the surprise effect passed, the prince understands it and he also likes it," she says - she assures that she does not regret her makeover.

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“That haircut was my decision. It seems to have sparked all kinds of comments. But it turns out I've been wanting for a long time, I like the style, that's all. It is true that, probably, of all the members of royal families, I am the one who has tried the most different hairstyles, but I will continue to do so, it is my decision, ”she claims.

In the interview, she also assures that Prince Albert tells her about his problems with the day after day of the government of a mini-state in which, despite its small size, people of almost 140 nationalities live . And she gives him her support in those moments. "Whatever happens, whatever may happen, I'm a thousand percent with you," she says she responds to her husband. “I will support you whatever you do, both in good times and in bad. Before we were married, you were my friend, my guide, you protected me. When I arrived in Monaco, I had to adapt to a new environment. I learned by listening, observing, but it is above all you who have helped me, the one who has shown me the way. I will always be by your side, I will protect you. ”

The heir to the Principality, who took so much trouble in taking the step of marrying and founding a family , feels the role of father very well , adds Charlène. "She adores every moment that passes" with her children, who are "the love of her life," she asserts. And her children respond because Alberto de Monaco "has a lot of humor, children have a lot of fun with him", even if he is "strict in terms of discipline", more than she, she acknowledges.

These statements try to combat the rumors that have always circulated around this marriage. Since days before their wedding, held on July 1, 2011, their love has been under suspicion. First were the rumors that Charlène had tried to flee the Principality days before her wedding and that she finally ended up signing a prenuptial agreement according to which she promised to spend five years with Alberto and give him an heir. After the news confirmed by the same prince, that both had spent their honeymoon in different hotels "for practical reasons." He was attending an IOC meeting in South Africa while she was visiting her family in the country.

Whatever has happened between the two parties this popular couple, after 14 years together they seem to have found their balance.

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