Chiquis Rivera filed for divorce from Lorenzo Mendez the same day she was seen kissing with Mr. Tempo


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The controversy with Chiquis Rivera does not rest, because the famous singer has been on everyone's lips after a month ago she announced her separation from Lorenzo Méndez , with whom she remained married for a year and three months. After the surprising news, Jenni Rivera's daughter at first dedicated herself to living the mourning of separation , to later reappear with a better spirit; For his part, Lorenzo is the one who has given signs of wanting to resume his relationship with Jolene's interpreter . And although the followers of both characters are not few who wish to see them together again , this controversy has been joined by a third: the restaurant entrepreneur Jorge Cueva, known by his nickname Mr. Tempo. The last week, compromising images of Chiquis have appeared that show the closeness he has with the businessman of Guadalajara origin , who owns a chain of multiple restaurants in the United States. Mr. Tempo and Chiquis had already known each other for about four years, so although they had recently distanced themselves, now that the Latin Grammy nominee is "free and without obligation" she has been seen in a plan of "more than friends ”with Cueva. Such is the case of the recent images that came to light through the program Suelta la sopa , where both characters are seen at the doors of an elevator in the Hotel Presidente in Mexico City, where they were on a trip of business for Jorge's company, where Lupillo Rivera's niece will be the face of the La Reina del Sur tequila brand . In this image they are seen holding hands and removing their mask to give a "peckish" kiss. When this information was disseminated, Chiquis immediately assured that "she had not been unfaithful", because netizens attacked her for getting involved with a man even though she has not terminated her marriage with Lorenzo Méndez . For his part, the businessman has given his version of events in different media and hinted that he is interested in establishing a serious relationship with the daughter of the band's remembered diva , because in addition to admiring her physical beauty, he said that It is about a beautiful person, qualities that made him fall in love. Mr. Tempo also assured that he has been divorced for some time, and that for now and out of respect for the maelstrom of attacks that Chiquis has received , for now he will "calm the waters." "I was not unfaithful": Chiquis Rivera defended herself from the accusations after being seen with Mr. Tempo (Video: File) __ SCRIPT__0 Given this information, it is now disclosed that Chiquis Rivera would already be in the process of Lorenzo Méndez, in a process initiated by her in the town of Beverly Hills. This was announced by the program A new day , which had access to Chiquis's divorce application documents : the singer would have made the petition on October 19 , the same day that the images of her and Mr. Tempo came to light in Mexico City. According to what is described in the document, it is she who is requesting the divorce and Lorenzo has not yet responded; however, you will have 30 days to do so. It can be read in the documents that Chiquis and Lorenzo have been separated since September 16, 2020 and it is clarified that there are no properties or assets in common that have to be distributed in court. The argument for divorcing is that there are "irreconcilable differences" between them, and the document clarifies that it will be up to the court to determine if Lorenzo Méndez is entitled to monetary support. The documents relate the amount of goods they have and the amounts they owe on items such as cars and jewelry; how much they have in bank accounts, their life insurance and credit cards. MORE ABOUT THIS THEME: "I send a kiss to my love": Mr. Tempo gave details of his relationship with Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez did not remain silent "I was not unfaithful": Chiquis Rivera responded to the attacks after his kiss with Mr Tempo Chiquis Rivera surpassed Lorenzo Méndez: that's how they caught her kissing with Mr. Tempo

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