Chiquis Rivera surpassed Lorenzo Mendez: that's how they caught her kissing with Mr. Tempo


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Chiquis Rivera and Jorge Cueva were caught in a hotel in Mexico City with a rather affectionate attitude (Video: Instagram Let go of the soup) After a few hours that the restaurant owner Jorge Cueva denied an alleged romance with Chiquis Rivera , the love life of The Mexican regional singer has once again given something to talk about, as she was captured with him on a very intimate level . “No, she is a very good friend, a very good friend. Of course not, she's a friend, I've known her for four years. We invited her to the opening (of the restaurant), she has come twice. Yes, she is beautiful, but she is a friend, I am respectful, I know she is married. And no, nothing to see . And here's a scoop: I'm doing business with it. One of my companies is going to give the image to her. Let her be the representative of the company and my partner ”, recently revealed the businessman known as Mr. Tempo to the program Suelta la sopa . It was during his current trip to Mexico City, in which it is speculated that they had moved in his private jet . On the trip, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera was caught in a romantic plan, which has caused the astonishment of the public , since the singer nominated for the Latin Grammy is still married to Lorenzo Méndez. It was during the most recent transmission of the same program where some images of Chiquis walking hand in hand with the restaurant entrepreneur were revealed after sharing in the seafood restaurant "El peladito" , owned by actor Alexis Ayala. In the clip , Janney Chiquis Rivera and Jorge Cueva are seen holding hands inside a hotel, to finish off with a "peckish" kiss before entering the elevator that would lead them to the room, a situation that would show that between the two characters there is much more than friendship. After unveiling the clip where they are seen removing the mask to kiss , the signals to the interpreter of Jolene have not been long in coming. A large number of netizens are saying that Chiquis had to wait to completely end her marriage with Lorenzo Méndez in order to fully enter into a new relationship. Even other users assured that they now believe that Lupillo Rivera's niece was the culprit of ending the media relationship with Méndez, because she already had an interest in Cueva. Although Lorenzo has hinted on multiple occasions that he wants to regain his marriage, and has even shown low spirits before his followers, the truth is that Chiquis seems to be firm in his decision so he has taken advantage of his new status to probably start looking other sentimental directions. After in recent days he was seen in an attitude that many described as "flirtatious" next to the businessman, who went viral after he invited Chiquis and a group of friends to visit one of his 140 restaurants in the south from California , the suspicions around them have not been long in coming. Jorge Cueva, known as Mr. Tempo , is an immigrant from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who arrived in the United States at the age of 18 and without knowing how to speak English. He began his career as a dishwasher and gradually made a place for himself in the restaurant industry thanks to his ability to understand business management. However, it is known that he is married and has children, which is why Chiquis has been severely criticized, as evidenced by an image posted on Facebook next to his wife , which is why people have been surprised to hear his name linked to that of the singer, a member of the famous Rivera dynasty. Although he uses his social networks mainly to promote his businesses in the world of gastronomy, he has also shared family photos on some occasions, where he has been seen accompanied by his wife and four teenage children . Although his current civil status is unknown, this detail has led to criticism of both the businessman and the regional interpreter. MORE ABOUT THIS THEME: "We can't be playing": Lupillo Rivera prefers not to comment on the personal life of his niece "Chiquis" "Chiquis" Rivera amid the controversy over his prayers for the health of Donald Trump "He can't breathe the fat ": Daniel Bisogno and Pedro Sola made fun of" Chiquis "Rivera and Pati Chapoy scolded them

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