Christian Nodal made Belinda forget Lupillo Rivera, romance is confirmed


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Cristian Nodal y Belinda (Photo: Instagram@ lavoztvazteca)

Love returned for Belinda in the la Voz Mexico 2020 forums. After a series of rumors, on Wednesday sefi confirmed his affair with Christian Nodal, singer of Mexican regional and another of the show's juries.

The singer le declared his love through a post of Instagram stories while two photos in which hugs are seen confirm their relationship.

Nodal published the phrase "I love you", sellating and showing off his new relationship with the 30-year-old singer who during the last season of the show was related to fellow performer Lupillo Rivera.

"Love came to #LaVoz... Our coaches, Christian Nodal and Belinda start relationship...", can be read on the program's Facebook page.

Another of the photos that the romance delated (Photo: Instagram@ nodal)

Since last June there were already rumors about the couple's alleged relationship, just days before the new season of the reality show, the one that the two would flirt and exchange messages during the recordings.

"The most beautiful little mouse in the world," was the phrase Nodal put into a post that exposed romance.

Belinda is 30 years old and her boyfriend 21, according to her social media profile.

Nodal is also a judge in the new season of La Voz México (Photo: Instagram@ lavoztvazteca)

Lupillo Rivera is already a closed chapter

Belinda and Jenny Rivera's brother, who also met on the reality show, would have had an affair .

The singer known as "El Toro del corrido" once said: "I'm never going to forget Belinda, really. I'm never going to forget about it, period,

The chemistry among the celebrities was evident since he began his participation in La Voz México, where they were coaches last year. It was soon said that there might be a romance, but it was a source of the show's production that revealed to the magazine People in Spanish that the singers had a courtship and that even Lupillo had already tattooed Belinda's face.

The interpreter immediately went out to deny any loving bond with her companion, even though they were seen traveling together and in a celebration in the United States. None of you spoke then about the alleged relationship,

Belinda and Lupillo Rivera worked together, as coaches of The Voice (Photo: Special)

Later, was Lupillo who broke the silence in late October, during an interview for the YouTube show Gossip No Like, in which came the subject of the alleged love affair with Belinda.

Although for a few moments he hesitated and thought about how he would approach the matter, he finally said, "I met Belinda in The Voice in March. March 27 was a very beautiful day, special and August 27th was the end. It was five months and it was a woman I loved madly, she was a woman I really wanted, a woman that I honestly had lowered the sky and the stars, I had never loved a woman so much in my life, that's it."

"I to always have protected her, I have protected her from all things, I have always spoken super well of her, I will never speak ill of her and all my life I will protect her . She's the most beautiful woman I've ever met, period," she added in the same interview.


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