COVID-19, infidelity and addiction: the harsh confessions of Sara Maldonado that caused confusion and alarm


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Sara Maldonado is having a very bad time and this was revealed this Saturday night , when she shared aspects of her private life on her Instagram stories that she made public for her more than 300 thousand followers. In an impulsive act, according to her own announcement later, Sara revealed that her current partner was unfaithful to her during her recovery from COVID-19 , aired that she recently suffered an abortion and exhibited the woman with whom Juan Sebastián Ávila allegedly cheated on her .

However, after exposing these intimacies, Sara Maldonado erased the trace of her messages and apologized for the outburst of rage she had. The actress who has participated in projects such as Camelia la Texana and The Game of Life, wrote several messages in consecutive stories where she confessed that she had a miscarriage, and her partner was unfaithful with a woman who, according to her, wanted to cover her identity to protect it, so he asked people if they knew something, to notify him to display it.

“Help! Last night my ex, Juan Sebastián Ávila fucked a whore in Tulum, obviously he wants to protect his identity, I will appreciate any information. Obviously this old woman knew she had a girlfriend and it was worth it. PS I at home locked up by COVID-19, "he wrote.

Sara challenged the woman who was intimate with her boyfriend and who according to him is called" Andi ", and reported that she suffered that she lost the baby she was waiting next to Juan Sebastián, whom he tagged in all his messages.

“And there is more… Three weeks ago I aborted the baby we were expecting. Go whore! Show your face or @ juan.sebastian.avila say who is it? "

The actress of serials such as Capadocia and La reina del sur and the telenovela Mundo de fieras and Clase 406 , also assured that the infidelity she suffered was derived from Ávila's alleged addiction to cocaine , and that afterwards they offered her a "pass" they went "to the room" to have intercourse.

"And to understand it well, I lost my baby and they had to put me in the hospital to have an abortion and the next day he went to work, and I I was left alone in a deep depression, " explained the 40-year-old actress.

A few minutes after venting her anger, the interpreter apologized with a message addressed to her followers , some of whom in the comments box of the social network They expressed their support and encouraged him through messages of solidarity .

Sorry to unload my courage here, but it is not worth that someone who gave him all your love, comes to do something like that in such a vulnerable moment. Thanks for your hate, @ juan.sebastian.avila

These stories disappeared from Instagram and Sara no longer made any comment, however this Sunday afternoon she sent a message thanking her fans for their support:

“Thanks to all who sent me messages of love and support. I am a human being and I am not perfect. I'm trying to be well, understand and forgive to get ahead ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Juan Sebastián Ávila, who is not dedicated to the entertainment industry, dropped his profile; It is speculated that the actress's fans would have claimed her actions and chose to cancel her account on the social network.

Sara Maldonado Fuentes was born in Xalapa, Veracruz, on March 10, 1980, she is an actress known for her projects and The love affair she had with producer Billy Rovzar , with whom she married in 2007 and announced her separation in 2011.

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