Cristina Pedroche: "This year I feel more pressure to make people happy"


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Never have the days been counted so much until a year ends , a 2020 that has been bad due to the pandemic that is ravaging the world and that has changed the way of living. Cristina Pedroche , the presenter of Atresmedia, assures that she never thought that, when she wished the audience a happy year on the night of the chimes, something like this could happen. A little more than a month before a new appointment at Puerta del Sol in Madrid, he is aware that everything will be different. "We will not know yet if there will be an audience there," he clarifies pending the decisions of the authorities for that great night. And you know the added responsibility you will have this time. "This year I feel more pressure to make people happy." That is why she is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it with her characteristic optimism.

Christmas is coming and Pedroche reactivates. Image contracts are showered on him. Yesterday he presented the new Baileys campaign in Madrid, a recommendation for the party nights to come. For them, the presenter prepares herself thoroughly. "I get fit both physically and psychically," he warns. A declared supporter of yoga, she also runs and now, in addition, she has embarked on a challenge for a television program that is still secret but that has her with a broken body. In the months of isolation, she did not want to move from the sofa because of the situation and because she suffered from the virus, yes, with almost no symptoms unlike her husband Dabid Muñoz who lost his taste and smell, a task for a chef of his stature . "I didn't even want to eat, that is rare for me," he recalls. The confinement was spent in a small apartment. Now she has moved into a chalet in Pozuelo. You have felt the effects of the pandemic in your work but not as much as in other cases. "Some campaigns were suspended, but little else," he says. She and her husband noticed it more in their restaurants, which had to close. "Now only the one in London remains to be opened . " In between they suffered a fire in DiverXo and once they were open they had to close when a case of coronavirus was detected among the staff . Pedroche, in another burst of optimism, proclaims: "But we are going to overcome everything, we are going to get out of this." She only gets a little more serious when she remembers that she has not hugged her mother since March and that she could not say goodbye to her grandmother, who died during the pandemic.

Pedroche declares herself a convinced feminist . These days she struggles to normalize some aspects of women's lives as the rule. “Many are affected by it, they have many symptoms and I am one of them. Why not talk about it? Those comments have cost her some controversy in social networks where she exerts a lot of influence although she does not consider herself an influencer. Another of his crusades has to do with supporting the use of the menstrual cup as a sustainable gesture. She also vindicates the fact that she does not want to be a mother. “I don't feel the need to be. I am young, I am 32 years old, and I am not saying that one day I will change my mind ”. She assures that her feminism does not clash with the image she projects on December 31 nights with those outfits in which her physique is almost exposed. “My body is mine and I do with it what I want. Whoever does not want to look, should not do so. ”

Since January he has been working with his friend Josie, who is a success these days at MasterChef Celebrity, on the design for this end of the year. “We always have some ideas but we have been changing them. They are already sewing it ”, he reveals. The model is a secret, of course, but to the question of whether it will have to do with the pandemic, he gives a clue: “But this year, what has it not to do with the pandemic?”

As much as his style, Pedroche she worries about what she calls her speech: the words she speaks before the bells ring. "I will talk about what we have experienced, what is happening to us." An address that she writes herself without the help of any scriptwriter and that only teaches three or four people before delivering it.

As far as audiences are concerned, this year Cristina Pedroche and her suit will have a great competition. On another balcony of Puerta del Sol will be Ana Obregón, who will ring the bells on Spanish Television with Anne Igartiburu. Obregón will reappear after a year that has been even worse for her, in which she has lost her only son. "If she thinks that will help her, I'm glad she cheered up."

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