Dani Rovira used marijuana oil during his cancer treatment


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When, in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Dani Rovira announced that he suffered from cancer and that he was being treated to face the disease, he also began a network of anonymous support for this actor who has won the affection of the public with their performances and their behavior. During the process of his illness he did not disappoint about his human category, and he was sharing without fuss but always with positivity, his feelings with the process he was living. A way to make visible the effects of an ailment that exceeds 277,000 cases a year in Spain and to give hope to so many patients and families who were portrayed in it

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In a recent interview with the journalist Angels Barceló, in the SER network, Rovira provided more details about the months of crossing facing Hodgkin's lymphoma that she was diagnosed with and one of her revelations focused on her experience with the marijuana oil that she consumed to alleviate the effects of the treatment you have undergone for six months. "It was either to be made a rag or to go pedete, so I could tell many stories between dragons and dungeons," the Andalusian actor admitted with a sense of humor about the therapeutic use of this plant in the Hoy por hoy program . Tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC, was the solution he found to "relieve nausea, vomiting, and pain" from the chemotherapy and radiation that doctors used to stop his disease. Eight chemotherapy sessions and 18 radiation therapy sessions that ended last August.

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Luis Alegre, Dani Rovira's friend, accompanied him during the radio interview. The writer and the actor met almost seven years ago when they met in Zaragoza during the promotion of the film Eight Basque surnames and since then they have been members of that close circle that Rovira says that with age each time is narrower. About Dani Rovira, Alegre affirmed that he is “deeply kind”, as well as to share his experiences so that others can take advantage of them.

Alegre also highlighted the actor's ability to face extreme situations and asked him about the day on which he found out she had cancer. Without losing her smile, Rovira gave details about the moment "on the basis that that day I didn't even know who this man, this Hodgkin, was," he said. After the joke to remove solemnity from what would come next, he related that the thing began when a lump was noticed above the clavicle to which he did not give too much importance. Transferred to a little house in the mountains of Madrid, he decided to consult a doctor friend from Malaga and the distance and the pandemic led him to send her a photograph to receive a remote diagnosis

Her friend told her that this could be many things, He sent him some medication and told him to watch him. “Two days after declaring the state of alarm, I told my friend that not only was it not going down, it was getting worse, and she told me that I should go to a hospital. I thought, 'How am I going to go to a hospital with what is happening? But he followed his advice and while he waited in the emergency room and they performed increasingly rare tests, he was seeing patients affected by covid enter one after another. When it was his turn to receive his own results, he found himself in a small room with three doctors with masks: “One was the one who had treated me when I arrived, another introduced himself as Carlos Macías, the director (who are now very friends) and He introduced me to the third, when I heard 'and this is the oncologist', ufff ... They explained to me, we have already given him a name, we will have to do a biopsy, we will have to give him a surname ... I started like ... ., is that I am very inclined to turn off the television, to faint we go. I was sitting on a gurney, I told them that I was getting dizzy and I lost consciousness. Then the operating room came to do the biopsy and so on ... "

Even counting that moment that turned his life around, Dani Rovira recalled with a sense of humor that when entering the room with the doctors he had recorded the conversation on his mobile so as not to miss the details and when he finished that morning, it was able to tell the doctors: "It's all recorded, I haven't heard it yet, I'm saying it in case I've fainted and you've started ranting about me."

What followed that moment is better known. The actor has been using his social networks to give an account of how he has been living his disease and also to tell, in mid-August, that he had overcome it. And during the six months that he was immersed in treatment, humor has remained key to him. The whirlwind of er Dani , as he is known in the neighborhood of his native Malaga, locked himself in the house he bought a year ago in the mountains and dedicated himself to following his treatment and doing sports in the late afternoon to avoid the hours of sunshine . From his time at the hospital, where he arrived at nine in the morning and left at three thirty in the afternoon, as he told in an interview, there have also been other things beyond the bitter moments. Among them the friendship of the people with whom he spent so many hours plugged into a machine.

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