Daniel Bisogno returned to “Ventaneando” and they accused Pati Chapoy of ignoring him as happened with Atala


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Since last December Daniel Bisogno did not appear live on Ventaneando and his return this Monday was not free of controversy

As if nothing had happened and without referring to the scandal with Javier Ceriani that kept him away from the screen for more than one month, Daniel Bisogno appeared on the stage in the company of Pati Chapoy, Pedro Sola, Mónica Castañeda and Linet Puente.

In social networks, the comments did not wait.

The tweet from the official Ventaneando account, where a photo was shared where Bisogno could be seen with his colleagues, received more than 200 messages, most of which celebrated his return.

However, both on Twitter and Instagram, there were also comments pointing to an alleged tension in the program

Followers of the Azteca broadcast accused Pati Chapoy of ignoring and treating Bisogno badly, and even recalled the incident with Atala Sarmiento.

As you will recall, Atala left the program in the middle of a scandal in March 2018.

In her last participation in Ventaneando it was evident that the interaction with her colleagues was null and she accepted it herself.

The journalist Alex Kaffie wrote the March 22 of that year: “Have you already realized that the atmosphere at @Ventaneandouno is very tense? @ChapoyPati and @AtaSarmi don't even look at each other. Something is wrong. ”

A user commented on that tweet and Atala herself pointed out: “ No, you were not wrong; it's real that they didn't listen to me ”.

So the memory of Atala was present this Monday when Bisogno returned to the Azteca broadcast.

“Have you noticed that Pati Chapoy does not even turn to see Daniel Bisogno? You feel the tension as you felt with Atala Sarmiento ”, it was read in a Twitter message. "Pati Chapoy is ignoring Daniel Bisogno for everything, seriously," said another comment on the same network.

The program's Instagram account registered similar comments.

"Now that Pati relaxes, why is she so rude to Daniel? What he does is workplace violence, what stress ” ,“ I love that Dani Bisogno is there, the bad thing, Chapoy's attitude ”,“ You can see the indifference with which Chapoy treats Daniel ”,“ I thought that only I I had noticed ... Indeed, a lot of tension and annoyance was perceived in mrs. Chapoy ” ," @chapoypati we love the same @bisognodaniel as always, today he looks worried and restricted in his comments, why don't they let him work as before? He has a unique spark and humor And that is strange ", were some messages in the Ventaneando.

Bisogno's Instagram account had been absent from the broadcast since last December and although it appeared on Christmas and New Year specials, it was mentioned that these had been recorded before the scandal with Ceriani.

It was in full transmission live on December 9 when Bisogno called Ceriani a “bad bitch witch”, thus showing his annoyance with the host of the YouTube program Gossip No Like.

His words immediately caused a stir on social networks, but far from retracting, Bisogno sustained his insults against Ceriani in a Twitter message

The next day Bisogno no longer appeared on the show and was said to be punished

Some versions suggested that his future He would be engaged in Azteca, but finally this Monday "El Muñe" returned to the broadcast that led him to fame and of which he has been a part for more than two decades.

For now, what most caught the attention of his return was that supposed tension between him and Pati Chapoy.

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