Danna Paola will once again lend her voice to an animated Disney character


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Danna Paola's career continues to rise both in music and acting . This Saturday it was announced that the actress will work with Disney again, this time she will give the voice to the protagonist of "Raya and the Last Dragon."

Disney Plus Latin America announced through her Twitter account that the Mexican singer will be in charge of giving life to "Raya" both in the version for Latin America, and for the Spanish, in the animated film that will be released on March 5. In addition to this, he will perform the main theme, “Hasta Vencer” .

“@dannapaola will be the voice of Raya in the dubbed version of 'Raya and the Last Dragon'. And she will perform “Hasta vencer”, a song that will be part of the film's soundtrack, "reported the account.

This is not the first time that the singer has worked for the company of the mouse, since in 2010 she did the voice in Spanish of Rapunzel in “Enredados” .

For her part, the 25-year-old Mexican shared the news with her followers through a video and added that the music video they recorded to accompany the song will be available soon.

I'm very excited, for I can finally make this announcement that I am so excited about [...] I'm going to lend my voice to Raya, an independent and strong warrior, ”the young woman shared.

According to what the singer shared with the EFE news agency She had fun playing this character and even qualified him as one of her favorites.

"The process was very interesting, I had fun and I was very excited and I think that Raya has become one of my favorite characters ," said the interpreter to the agency. He also expressed his happiness and assured that his followers will be "very excited" .

Last month Danna Paola released her latest studio album, "KO" in the most unexpected way. This was due to the fact that his album was illegally leaked one day before its official release. The interpreter shared the news with her followers, spoke about the shock she experienced and the actions taken by music streaming platforms to protect the material.

“Something very crazy happened a while ago that I swore, as an artist or as a person, I said: 'Meh, those things will never happen to me' and, said and done (...) The only thing I know is that the album was leaked. And I was shocked and screamed and it was like very crazy, I couldn't believe what was happening, "said the 25-year-old interpreter from her official Instagram account.

The singer and actress shared that this release is the most important of his life and career and that, after the leak, the digital platforms sought to minimize the damage and decided to release the record material one day before the scheduled date.

“The platforms, obviously to protect the content and So that it would come out of good quality and everything, well, he released the album ahead of time. Literal, a day before. P or protection of the content, in this case Spotify, launched the album to protect and that all communication went directly to the platforms ", said the singer in an Instagram live.

Danna Paola said she does not know who the person was who leaked the material illegally or under what circumstances . However, once the initial shock was overcome, the youth artist is excited and relieved.


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