David Zepeda deleted intimate video I post by mistake on his social networks


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David Zepeda shared in the history of his Instagram a miniclip where sedemchesnudo, and this is not the first time, on at least a couple has come to light intimate videos of the TV actor.

Although the one born in Nogales, Sonora tested almost immediately the video, users managed to save the clip and share it to the point of making a trend of error.

In the story of Instagram is seen the sonorense s dressed in a bath wearing red underwear and a white T-shirt, in front of a mirror, while touching his crotch with showy rascality.

Quickly social redes caught fire from comments such as "I must stop having fantasies with David Zepeda", "David I love you", "you are the most handsome and the best", "daddy" , among many other compliments and pyro.

This "accident" of the soap opera actor is not the first, the last February 24 also posted on his official Instagram account a nude photo and that leaves a lot to the imagination.

This is how David was seen from Acapulco (IG: davidzepeda)

On this social network she has 3.8 million followers and photography that reached almost 300,000 likes and about 10,000 comments accompanied her with the phrase "Don't be afraid to leave the good to go for the great".

Days prior to that publication Zepeda played the character José Luis Navarrete in the second season of the series La Doña, starring Aracely Arámbula, where they made hot shots that attracted the attention of the spectators.

Earlier this year, the actor of Amores Crusaders shared that after nearly a decade our relationship with Lina Radwan was finished, although they still love each other "deeply".

As stated by the 46-year-old actor, which was shared on the YouTube channel of communicator Edén Dorantes, s relationship with Lina was "so important that we became a family in some way. We are family and we will always be supporting each other. Because it transforms and love as (family) is much greater."

Also, on March 31 2015, a very compromising Zepeda video was quickly distributed. After different versions the Mexican accepted that he was trustworthy, as he emphasized that the leak of the video was an abuse of trust by the person with which he shared his intimacy.

"Yes, I trusted, it's my responsibility," he said. "I'm not interested in giving you legal follow-up, my energy is now put somewhere else," javier Poza's radio show interviewed.

Zepeda is one of the stars of Televisa (Instagram)

On that show, when questioned by his alleged bisexuality that the show magazine TV Notes had published in early January 2019, noted that there was no evidence, "there was never any evidence or anything because it was a vile lie" .

Ocome that the matter didn't affect him emotionally either, because he's focused on the things he really care about like his life, work, career and family.

"Amo to men, I have nothing against them, I have great respect (but) what I like are women," he added.

Days after the spread of that story, the actor shared a response on his Instagram account.

He spoke with irony of the "worthy of applause" fantasy and wit that this story had been told. He also pointed to the falta of honesty of the journalist who signed the text. "Anonymity, The Most Cowardly Way to Defamation".

"I want to make it clear here that I'm not gay and I'm not bisexual. There's nothing more beautiful to me than women."


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