"Do not believe everything they say out there": Christian Chavez assured that if he was at the RBD reunion


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Christian Chávez will not leave RBD fans planted and assured that he will go to the concert, as planned.

Through a Twitch meeting, the singer put aside the rumors that he will go to jail, derived from a process he has with his ex-partner, Mario Kemper.

Yes, I know [that they say that I will not be at the concert] because they are going to put me in jail ,” Chávez said laughing.

The actor explained to their fans that because the band will return to the spotlight, all kinds of news will go off, so it is best to ignore.

“I think it's important to tell people that right now times are strong, people he needs to eat and, well, unfortunately once RBD returns we are going to be the target of people who are just wanting to sell you things (…) They don't believe everything they hear out there ”, he declared.

Guillermo Rosas, the show's producer, expressed his support for Chávez and declared that the only way in which the 37-year-old interpreter could go to jail, if he commits a very serious crime.

" Christian has no problem in jail, he would have to rob a bank tomorrow to be put in jail, " he insisted.

It's not about of

extortion For his part, Maico does not retract the complaint for physical attacks against the singer . And, on the contrary, he assured that he will soon travel to Mexico City to follow up on the process.

According to an interview he gave to the magazine Who , the makeup artist denied that he is trying to extort money from the singer. However, he cannot talk much about the case.

“The only thing I want to say is that what I already declared, what happened, that I support that story because they are my words and that the legal process is still ongoing [...] I can't give interviews. I have a lot to say because a lot of bad things happened, but they advised me not to give any interviews at this point, ”he told the publication.

Despite this, the Dutchman explained that he spoke with some of Chávez's former partners, including his ex-husband, and they all let him know that they lived moments of violence with the actor also.

“I have spoken with many of his ex-boyfriends , the ex-husband and they all say the same, they all had the same experience with him; so that is my motivation to carry out this legal process ”, affirmed the makeup artist.

The Dutchman told TVNotas last May that a month before he told Chávez that he wanted to end the relationship. However, the actor did not take the news well and hit him on the head with a bottle of tequila. The makeup artist immediately lost consciousness, and Chávez had to rush him to a hospital where they gave him 10 stitches.

“I am going to return to Mexico very soon to continue with this matter because I want him to take responsibility for what he did. I am not interested in money and I told my lawyers that I want to be very clear on this, I am interested in justice for what he did to me, especially because it happened several times in the past ”, explained Maico to Who .

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