"Do not spend, Vero": Yolanda Andrade faced the versions that ensure that Veronica Castro kept her financially


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In recent days a national newspaper published, without assuring anything frontally, that Verónica Castro is a generous woman who likes to help her romantic partners financially , especially if they are suffering financial hardships. And it is that according to what was published by El Heraldo de México , for a long time it has been speculated in media focused on the spectacle that Verónica has a remarkable financial fortune that, according to various rumors, “has made her the object of desire of several of his ex-partners. ”

And it is that the publication took up the versions that ensure that Verónica financially supported her ex-partner, the remembered Manuel El loco Valdés, when the deceased actor needed to take care of medicines and medical expenses, presumably even to pay him the amount of 100,000 pesos per month . Although everything has remained in rumors, it has also been mentioned that Verónica would have had a sentimental approach with figures such as Ana Gabriel and Yolanda Andrade, the latter being the one who has assured on multiple occasions for several months that she even "married symbolically" in a ceremony in Holland with the emblematic “queen of soap operas”.

It was precisely Yolanda Andrade who faced the information that puts on the table the version that Castro provides money to his romantic partners , ensuring that "she does not need to be supported. In a meeting with the press where she was approached by reporters from various media, the host of Monse & Joe was surprised by the news and even took it with humor.

“Wow ... well I think ... in what aspect ? I think we are very misinformed ” , said the presenter before the first questions from journalists, questions that unleashed the laughter of Monserrat Oliver, her friend and co-driver who was aboard the same truck, and who recorded with her cell phone the interview they were doing with Yolanda, who questioned a journalist: “Do you believe it? Send me the note ”

The actress disbelieved the words of the reporters, among whom one of them showed her the news published by the newspaper in its digital version on her cell phone, to which Yolanda assured: “ The interview is over, guys, I think this is a virus too, lies and follies are also viruses.

However, in an effort to deny the publication, Yolanda explained “Neither Ana (Gabriel) nor I need anyone to support us, thank God, nor that Verónica is spending money on us (...) I want to publicly deny my dear El Heraldo de México because this is not true ", said the controversial presenter.

The host of the Unicable channel took the speculation with humor and as a joke she sent a message to the leading actress: " Don't spend, Vero. "

And it is that last June Andrade revealed to his partner Monserrat Oliver that he had married Castro during a trip to Europe ; However, when Veronica was questioned about this, she flatly denied it and assured that she was not a lesbian or attracted to the female gender. For this he gave a statement that drew a lot of attention because of the tone in which he said it:

I clarify that I did not get married. I have never married. If I did not marry the parents of my children, how am I going to marry Yolanda? In this life I am not going to get married and I am not going to be a lesbian. Not this time. Not in this life ”

A few days after these statements, Castro reported that he would withdraw from the entertainment world , but the scandal did not stop there, since the refusal caused the annoyance of Yolanda, who reiterated his version and even made accusations against of Cristian Castro, whom he accused of having beaten his mother .

Even, according to various media, Andrade's words caused the actress to go to a hospital and spend a few nights there.

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