Donkey Van Rankin said "Today" after 7 years in the show


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Jorge Van Rankin will be released from Today's show after 7 consecutive years (Photo: Instagram @programahoy)

The driver Jorge the Donkey Van Rankin announced his departure from the morning program Hoy, of the network Televisa, after 7 years of continuous participation. It seems that Van Rankin will be temporarily absent and if he returns it would be until November because he will focus on recording the new season of the series 40 and 20. As Van Rankin said it in the middle of the program:

For this reason, his fellow members of the morning program made him a very special farewell wishing him very good luck. For this reason, his colleagues Andrea Legarreta, Raúl "El Negro" Araiza, Galilea Montijo, Paul Stanley, Marisol González and the daughter of the production company, Andrea Escalona dedicated the following message to him:

Donkey's teammates gave him a farewell after seven years of being part of the show (Photo: Instagram @programahoy)

For a long time, various rumors ran about the subsids between Van Rankin and the production company Magda Rodríguez, which were followed by some show journalists like Alex Kaffie, who assured that the comedian's departure is a break from both of them.

According to Kaffie, the relationship between the Donkey and Magda Rodríguez was very strained so he took advantage of to ask him for a brief break from the program of Hoy, in order to integrate into the set of 40 and 20, something that the producer allowed him as long as he went temporarily. Amended, Van Rankin's temporary replacement on the morning set will be Paul Stanley, with whom he also has a great relationship, and will send a daily capsule to the morning program.

Another point the Donkey decided to temporarily leave the program is to spend more time with his fiancée Magda Bleizeffer, thin is seven months pregnant and waits for his daughter Charlotte, which is one of Van Rankin's most momentous earrings in

The 40 and 20 project is one of the most enjoyed by the comedian, where he works with his friend Monica Huarte and Michelle Rodríguez. In addition to Roberto Palazuelos joining the program, who is a great friend of Jorge's.

Alex Kaffie gave Magda Rodriguez the right of reply (Photo: Instagram @kaffievillano /magdaproducer)

Alex Kaffie has had many confrontations with Magda Rodríguez in recent days because the journalist spread a rumor a few days ago in which he claimed that Hoy's production company ally responsible for the estrangement between Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, who have allegedly had many encounters for her.

Magda replied to Kaffie that her sources have failed her a lot as she is not involved in any way and said that the drivers "they are already big and smart enough" to know how to take it and that together they make a great team:


"Neither I nor anyone will separate them": Magda Rodríguez denied being the cause of estrangement between Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo

"The Donkey" Van Rankin responded to Alex Kaffie and denied having problems with Magda Rodriguez

"Neither I nor anyone will separate them": Magda Rodríguez denied being the cause of estrangement between Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo

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