Eduardo Moreno Laparade, nephew of "Cantinflas" died


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This Saturday the death of Eduardo Moreno Laparade, nephew of comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” due to complications from the coronavirus disease, was reported. This was announced by actor Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo through his official Twitter .

account “It is with deep regret that I receive the news of the death of Mr. Eduardo Moreno Laparade, supportive, kind, loving and irreplaceable friend. There are no words that describe the immense void left by his departure ”, tweeted the director of the Mexican television series, Una familia de ten .

Minutes later, by the same social network, the information was confirmed by Gil Barrera, journalist and presenter of the morning show Hoy . “They report the death of Eduardo Moreno Laparade. Journalist and known in recent years for presiding over the Mario Moreno Foundation. ”, Also expressed the columnist of the newspaper El Gráfico .

According to information from El Universal, Moreno Laparade was hospitalized on January 19 due to complications caused by the disease of the coronavirus. His son, Eduardo Moreno Goiricelaya, revealed that “Canfinflas's” nephew underwent a tracheostomy to lessen his dependence on an artificial respirator.

Before the aforementioned surgical procedure was performed, Eduardo Moreno remained intubated in the area of intensive therapy due to lack of oxygenation in your lungs. Information from El Universal ensures that, according to the doctors in charge of the Mexican comedian's nephew, his relatives tried to withdraw his mechanical ventilation, but that it could not be possible given his clinical conditions.

Eduardo Moreno Laparade was a journalist and, in recent years, he served as head of the Mario E. Moreno AC Foundation , an institution dedicated to supporting different organizations, such as homes, hospitals and schools for children with Down Syndrome; in addition to having a publishing house for the production of books and teaching materials for free distribution in various educational institutions, as was the case of the book Un Modelo a la Medida, Mario Moreno Cantinflas , a work that brings together more than 60 drawings and caricatures of "El mimo de México" , created by artists from various parts of the world.

Likewise, each year, the foundation created by the artist's brother Mario Moreno , was in charge of holding different events, such as mourning or birth anniversaries, tributes, galleries and book presentations.

“Cantinflas's” nephew filed a lawsuit legal relationship with Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova, the actor's only son, due to the possession of the intellectual property rights of several of his films , however, in 2014 the court determined that these belonged to Eduardo Moreno Laparade, who assured that his uncle He gave him the rights to more than 30 films shortly before his death, including several blockbusters from the last century, such as "The Sweeper", "The Prof", "The Minister and I" and "The Patrolman 777". So far it is unknown what will happen to the rights to the "Cantinflas" films or if the former owner left a will.

The lawsuit was abandoned by Moreno Ivanova, who died in 2017 at the age of 57 due to a heart attack. According to some versions, he could not sustain the costs of the litigation and even had to sell part of his inheritance to cover the expenses of the lawyers. Among the belongings he offered were a luxurious vintage car and a mansion located on Paseo de la Reforma.


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