Eiza Gonzalez and her idylls in Hollywood: Liam Hemsworth, Timothee Chalamet and more


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Eiza González is usually very secretive about her private life (IG: eizagonzalez)

Recent photographs by Eiza González with Timothée Chalamet quickly downloaded versions of a rromance between both.

Although the Mexican actress is very secretive about her personal life, on several occasions she has given what to talk about when she is seen with Hollywood celebrities.

Timothée Chalamet raged in Twitter, where Eiza's name became a trend.

It was the portal TMZ the one that released the images on which Eiza and Timothée seemed to be having a great time.

Chalamet could be Eiza's new love (Reuters)

According to that site, Call Me By Your Name and Eiza traveled to Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends.

Eiza showed off her figure with a bikini mwhile enjoying the hotel pool where they stayed.

Chalamet, 24, joined her for a swim, only after she had played guitar for the actress and the friends who accompanied them.

At one point in his cohabitation he was caught a beso in the mouth between Chalamet and Eiza, which could confirm an affair they would have had quite hidden, as he recently ended his courtship with Lily-Rose, Johnny Depp's daughter.

It's not Eiza's first relationship with a celebrity in America.

Lym Hemsworth

In September 2013, months after Eiza moved to the United States to start her Hollywood career, the actress was seen kissing Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, who had recently ended her engagement with Miley Cyrus.

The photos seemed to speak for themselves and accounted for the closeness between Eiza and Liam.

Eiza was criticized by those who saw her as allegedly guilty of Liam and Miley's breakup, and even pointed her out as "trepadora" for allegedly having hired photographers to capture her with him and thus take advantage of her fame.

At the time Liam was clear and assured that she had no relationship, so perhaps the actress was just about a few dates.

Gonzalez preferred to shut up and only a year later, in an interview for who commented magazine, "It's my story, I respect it a lot, I'm very polite and if I were a social climber, like some, I'd talk about it, but I have no need. Tomorrow another gossip will come out, someone's going to go out with someone else and it's over. All that matters is my job."

Josh Duhamel

This relationship surprised not only by the age difference (he is 17 years older), but by his untimely break-in and quick conclusion.

De Eiza had not been known of any romance after Liam and Josh had less a year apart from Fergie when, principle in June 2018, it was known that they had been dating for months.

With Josh Duhamel he had a fleeting affair (Reuters)

There were even some pictures of paparazzi where they were caught off a restorer and both seemed very happy.

From the first quarter of 2018 they were started to relate, as they were seen in some appointments. And in July the romance was evident when they traveled together to Tulum.

However, at the end of the same month it was announced that the couple had broken off their relationship due to their "busy work schedules".

Luke Bracey

Another fleeting romance for Eiza came from the help of the Australian ator,

In early October 2019, the actress was surprised by showing on Instagram some photos alongside Bracey, with whom she first was seen in late September at the party of a brand of which they are both pictured.

Eiza and Luke Bracey

Although he never spoke openly of romance, the affectionate words he wrote to her on networks seemed to be confirmation.

However, by the beginning of November Eiza had erased all traces of Luke on her Instagram account, what was understood as a breakup ad.

Even in December they were seen very affectionate in Tulum, but it seems that the relationship did not give for more.

Eiza and Luke were still spotted in December last year at Tulum (The Grosby Group)

So now we'll have to see if the affair with Timothée thrives.

For the time being, Eiza has not commented on social media regarding the dissemination of the images. Nor has he expressed himself about it.


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