"El flaco", Valentin Elizalde's brother, denounced death threats and held his cousin Tano responsible for what might happen to him


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After 14 years of the death of Valentín Elizalde, the so-called Gallo de Oro , the brother of the remembered singer, Francisco Elizalde, revealed new details about the death of the Mexican regional star who was killed when he was leaving a successful presentation in a palenque. Among the information he released was that, according to the official expert opinion made by the corresponding authorities, it was learned that someone shot that night inside the truck , being that it is unknown to date who could have pulled the trigger and what would have been a person they trust

It was also revealed that the late Domesticated Wolf interpreter was heading to a private party after successfully performing , which is why Valentine's brothers think that the people who were taking him to the meeting in question could having been the ones who started the attack from outside the truck, in addition to the fact that it was detailed in the official documents that the singer received the so-called “coup de grace”, that is, a direct and accurate shot in order to immediately end his life .

In addition to this, Francisco narrated that Fausto El Tano Elizalde, their cousins, would have stolen money belonging to Valentín when the whole family was at the interpreter's funeral. According to the brother of the deceased, this action was carried out with the help of accomplices of Tano who were trusted workers. For his part, Tano says he does not know anything about what really happened that day, as he was asleep in the seat of the truck.

Just a few days after these revealing confessions by Francisco, his other brother, the also a regional singer, Jesús El flaco Elizalde, denounced before the cameras of the Ventaneando program that he had received harsh death threats to his cell phone , “curious thing, from the second day that all the relaxation began to come out through you, the statements and all this they were commenting, two days later I received first few calls from a number I do not know and seeing that I did not answer, they sent me a text message, making a very direct threats , "former prisoner skinny .

According to the statements of Jesús Elizalde, in the threats he received, they spoke to him about his brother Francisco, warning him to remove him from the place where he lives or to face the consequences "if something happens to him." So he said: "In a few words against my brother Francisco, to get him out of where he was living because there was already an order and who knows what, in a few words, if he didn't move from there, they would throw him out ."

El flaco assured that these threats were also sent to the people who work with Francisco Elizalde, for which they instilled fear: “About two hours pass, and my brother Francisco's manager calls me and sends me a message of text that 'it is that they sent me some things there' he told me, 'wherever they saw it' I don't know what, death threats really. ”

Faced with this alarming situation, Jesús El flaco Elizalde stated that he is fully and directly responsible to his cousin Tano Elizalde for the tragedies that could happen to both him and his family : “the respective complaint has already been raised for whoever is responsible, but I am going to hold the cousin responsible first of all, the truth, and the person who is living with him ” , he said referring to his current partner, Gabriela Sabbagh.

About the coup de grace that his brother received that day and the contradictory versions that Tano has declared, he said:“ How strange that in certain statements he said that he did not hear anything, being that if a shot is heard outside, now a shot inside the car? There were six shells detonated inside the vehicle and the truth is, my brother was not armed. ”

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