Elizabeth II exchanges Christmas food for a hunting day


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Elizabeth II , as tradition dictates, summons the members of the Royal Family in Sandringham (Norfolk) every year to celebrate Christmas. Gifts are exchanged on December 24 and on the 25th everyone gathers for traditional mass in the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, followed by a meal of stuffed turkeys and brandy-sprinkled pudding before beginning board games. But the coronavirus pandemic requires the Windsors to review their plans this year. The queen has decided to follow the British government's recommendations to the letter and suspend this celebration in the traditional format. There will be no Christmas lunch instead, a hunting day will be organized that will bring together many members of the family in an outdoor activity where the chances of contagion are greatly reduced

The Christmas Eve dinner is kept but in a very small format . Although nothing is yet official, the British media have already reported that Elizabeth II has created her own family bubble in which her youngest son Eduardo, the wife of this Sofía and the couple's two children are. The group will be completed with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla or with the Dukes of Cambridge and their children. In this way the queen will meet the requirement of bringing together only members of three different households.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, are currently confined in Windsor Castle. At 94 and 99 years old respectively, they are only accompanied by a very small team of employees.

Despite the confinement, the Queen of England has not stopped working. He continues with many of his official engagements by video conference or over the phone. In June, she attended the Trooping the Color parade in Windsor Gardens and on October 15, after an absence of seven months, Elizabeth II reappeared in public. For her first foreign engagement, she invited her grandson, Prince William, to visit with her the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down, near Salisbury. He appeared without a mask but later it was learned that the 48 people who made contact with Elizabeth II, including Prince William, had to undergo a prior test to verify that they were negative for coronavirus. The last time Elizabeth II was seen outside any of her palaces was on March 9 at Westminster Abbey, where she attended the Commonwealth commemorative act together with the rest of the royal family. After spending a few months confined to Windsor Castle, she moved with the Duke of Edinburgh to Balmoral Castle for the summer and then spent a few weeks at Sandringham, the residence where the royal family usually spends Christmas, before return to Windsor on October 6, according to the British press.

The routine of Elizabeth II, who said on one occasion that "she needs to be seen to be believed in her", has changed due to the pandemic. This consisted of being seen everywhere, shaking hands, exchanging neat comments, receiving ambassadors, prime ministers or Heads of State and presiding over official events and parades that inexorably marked the institutional stability of the United Kingdom like a clock. Now 94, he had already delegated many of those commitments to the heir, Charles of England, and to the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate , but the pandemic has almost completely cloistered the queen in Windsor Castle. Of course, every day the queen receives her red boxes , the boxes lined in red leather that contain the documents with the most relevant State affairs. And in the royal environment it has already been suggested that plans are going ahead to celebrate the hundred years of the Duke of Edinburgh, the queen's husband, and the Platinum Jubilee that will mark his 70-year reign in 2022.

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