Ella Baila Sola returns after 20 years: "We have missed each other"


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Ella Baila Sola has once again felt that worm in her gut that stopped dancing in her song We cast it to lot in 1996. Marta Botía (Madrid, 46 years old) and Marilia Andrés (Cuenca, 46 years old) , the two members of the original duet creator of what was one of the most popular songs 25 years ago, they have met again and are preparing their return to the stage in a summer tour that begins on June 18 at the Starlite Festival in Marbella . “It seemed like a precious reason to celebrate all the magic that we have been lucky enough to experience. Being able to share this with people is wonderful ”, the singers assure EL PAÍS, while they declare themselves happy and eager to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary with the public.

It is not the only round date that is celebrated these days. After five years of successes in which the group released three albums ( Ella Baila Sola , EBS and Marta y Marilia) , the duo decided to end their musical adventure by publishing their latest work in 2001, a compilation called Greatest Hits: 96-98-00 . A lot was said about their breakup twenty years ago . It transpired that they had disagreements both personally and artistically, that they hardly coincided in the studio to sing together on their latest album and that the photo session for that album was done separately. It was even said that they could not stand each other. On this they prefer to remain silent and, despite the fact that on some occasion they have recognized that their relationship in this time has been null, now they assure that they have missed each other. If it is true or a marketing pact remains between them because it is an issue they do not want to address.

Two decades apart makes it difficult to perceive complicity between them, but during the interview a small connection begins to be glimpsed when they recall moments from the past. In the meeting several times they look at each other and smile when in the conversation they pronounce the word “reconnect”. They finish by explaining that it is "an inside joke" that in their stage as a duo had a special meaning, which they now remember with nostalgia.

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Marta and Marilia met at the institute. Their first musical steps were taken with the teenage group The Just, where they discovered that their voices fit together. After some demos and small concerts in parks and venues in Madrid, in 1996 they recorded their first album, with which they sold more than a million and a half copies. Songs such as Amores de barra , When the toads dance flamenco and How we distribute the friends awarded the most acclaimed Spanish female duo of the time an Ondas award, a Latin Grammy nomination and rise up to eight times to number one on the music charts in Spain and Latin America. "It's nice that the songs are still alive and accompanying people in their day to day," they acknowledge.

Without meaning to, they were pioneers in lyrics of social themes - That black escapes you - and feminine empowerment - Vase woman - that they conquered the public and marked several generations long before the emergence of movements like the MeToo. “We did it without realizing it, it was our obvious way of seeing life, we didn't want to champion anything”, acknowledges Marta, to which Marilia adds: “At that time it was not so common for two girls to talk about some things, but it is part of the path that many women have already started a long time ago ”.

Following the dissolution of the duo, each continued their path in music independently. Marta was the first to go solo and in 2002 she published the album Fulfill what was promised , which was followed in 2015 by Martamente. In between, she decided to resume the Ella Baila Sola project and try her luck with other colleagues , first with Rocío Pavón, then with María del Mar García and finally with Virginia Mos, with whom she worked until a few months before the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. . None of these three stages obtained the recognition of its beginnings. Marilia took it more calmly. After twelve years away from the music scene, in 2013 he published Subir la Montaña , which was followed in 2017 by Infinito and this year he finalizes his third album. “I did not measure the time. There was a need to enrich and choose a conscious path and not follow something out of inertia, but when I really felt it ”, she explains about her late reconciliation with music.

Having shared a past together has not been a slab for them“ even in the industry or in life ”, acknowledges Marta, who now lives in the United States with her partner and her two children and admits that it has always been a pride to be“ Ella's blonde Baila Sola ”. "I think everything that has happened has brought us to the point where we are now, which is wonderful," he adds. They agree that none of them would change anything from those previous years. “We have been able to choose and that has a lot of value. We have both done it and we have missed each other. So now all that path that has enriched us also makes us enjoy this meeting very much. It is necessary to live things outside of what we were, "says Marilia, the duo's brunette.

The two consider that music has been the guide that has sent their respective lives, as" the beauty of the moment "does now. "Get together, reconnect and celebrate what is so important to us", Marilia recognizes about the germ of Ella dances alone . "I have missed sharing the road, a stage ... he is the only person who really knows what you are going through and to be able to share that is very nice," says Marta, looking at her partner.

Two decades later and after the problems, Marta and Marilia have decided to pick up their guitars again, hit the road together and sing in unison on the same stage those hymns that marked a milestone at the end of the nineties. A return that the fans of the group predict triumphant, but they have not yet discovered if it will be ephemeral, as the artists prefer not to reveal their long-term plans. "We want to be in the present, when we have more things to share we will tell them," they say, leaving the door open to a possible new album together.

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