Elliot Page and other artists who have spoken publicly about their trans identity


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Canadian actor Elliot Page, known until now as Ellen Page , declared himself transgender on Tuesday and asked everyone to address him as Elliot from now on. “Hello friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he / they and my name is Elliot. I love being trans. And I love being queer . And the more I hug myself and fully embrace who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I prosper, " wrote the 33-year-old interpreter , famous for his portrayal of Juno in the film of the same name in 2007 and for his participation in the series Netflix's The Umbrella Academy .

Page, who has received the support and affection of a multitude of artists, including the singer Miley Cyrus or his own wife, the dancer Emma Portner, is not the only well-known face that has publicly expressed her identity .

Caitlyn Jenner

In June 2015, a magazine cover stunned the world . It was Caitlyn Jenner , a person unknown until then, but tremendously famous at the same time. Because she was the woman he had become who until then was Bruce Jenner, former Olympic athlete, father of the sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner and stepfather of the famous Kardashians. Jenner made it known, through a photograph of Annie Leiboivitz and a lengthy interview in Vanity Fair , that she was a transgender woman, and she was happy with this new vital step. His phrase "Call me Caitlyn" ("Call me Caitlyn") went around the world. Since then, it has become a benchmark for the trans community . Although iconic , her image has not always had a positive aspect for the group, as she has also been widely criticized for her conservative ideas and her support for Donald Trump , whose speech sometimes clashed head-on with that of his group . Now, Caitlyn Jenner recognizes that her way of thinking has evolved and assures that she identifies as “economically conservative, socially progressive.”

Conchita Wurst

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was the Austrian singer Conchita Wurst, the character of bearded woman created by Tom Neuwirth, born in 1988 in the Austrian town of Gmunden. After the award, Wurst has become an icon of freedom and the fight against LGTBphobia and has been a spokesperson for equality regardless of the sexual orientation of each person. “Honestly, it wasn't my goal. I am simply an artist who at one point recounted his experiences. I do what I like. It seems good to me that people take me as a symbol of the LGTB cause and that they use me to give visibility, but I simply did what I wanted ”, the artist told EL PAÍS before giving the proclamation of the Madrid Pride festivities 2014.

Bibiana Fernández

“I handle confinement well because I am a woman who is used to it because I lived my childhood and adolescence confined in a body that did not belong to me,” said the actress and television collaborator last April . Bibiana knows what she is talking about because she has experienced firsthand the ups and downs of fame and life , in addition to her struggle to make her way in a quiet society where being transsexual was neither understood nor accepted. He was born in Tangier on February 13, 1954, and like Manuel Fernández Chica, he even did military service, which was then compulsory for all men. At that time, her sexual condition had few paths if she wanted to be an artist and she ended up in Barcelona performing in the gulfs of the Parallel among hostess and transvestite girls. Bibi Andersen, which was her stage name in those years, became known to the general public in Vicente Aranda's film Cambio de sexo . It was 1976, Franco had just died and what became known as the epoch of uncovering began in the cinema. Her identity card with a female name did not arrive until 1994, years in which she was part of the Madrid scene and of the group of actresses called Almodóvar girls . Since then, he has been one of the major Spanish references in the trans collective

Cristina Ortiz, La Veneno

Born on March 19, 1964 in the Almeria town of Adra, Cristina Ortiz was named José Antonio. Her family called her Joselito; some of them would never stop doing it, not even after their death in November 2016 . Better known as La Veneno, and whose history Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, known as the Javis, have been in charge of showing with great success, this year with the Veneno series, he was an icon and one of the first visible faces to show the reality of collective transsexual and trans prostitutes, showing a world that until then had remained hidden, in the shadows.

Ángela Ponce

In 2018, Miss Universe Spain made history by crowning a transsexual woman for the first time. Ángela Ponce, then 27 years old and originally from the Sevillian town of Pilas (although she won the title of Miss Cádiz in 2015), finally fulfilled her dream. She could not participate in Miss World at that time because they did not accept transsexual women, but three years later she has been able to present herself to this other contest, the first that has firmly committed to diversity. "My purpose is to make my reality known and speak to the world a little about education in diversity that is so scarce, an important factor and that would undoubtedly end with so much bullying , prejudice and violence," the model has recognized on several occasions .

Alexis Arquette

Rossana and Patricia Arquette's sister, also actress Alexis, who died in 2016 at age 47 , also mutated from a man to a woman on the public stage. As a man, he participated in films such as Pulp Fiction or Three ways to love ; and as a woman she has collaborated on other films, such as Together and Scrambled , with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

Jackson Theron, son of Charlize Theron

The actress Charlize Theron revealed in early 2019 in an interview with The Daily Mail newspaper that her Eldest daughter, seven-year-old Jackson is transgender. For several years, the Hollywood tabloids have remained puzzled and sometimes not unaware of criticism the relationship of the actress with her daughter, who was presented to the public as a boy when he was adopted in 2012 and whom photographers have captured on numerous occasions together with his mother in skirts or dresses. An attitude that aroused controversy, criticism and even questioned Charlize Theron's ability as a mother. “Yes, I also thought it was a boy. Until at three he looked at me and said: 'I'm not a boy! " , the actress told the British tabloid. In addition to Jackson, Theron adopted August in 2015. “I have two beautiful daughters that I want to protect and see prosper. They should be the ones to find themselves growing up, it's not something I have to decide. My job as a mother is to honor and love them and make sure they have everything they need to be who they want to be. ”

Chaz Bono, son of Cher

The son of Cher and the late singer Sonny Bono was born a woman , but in 2009 underwent a sex change operation. Soon after, Chastity's name was officially changed from her parents to Chaz. At the time she made her identity public, it was difficult for Cher to come to terms with it , but over time the two have reconciled, serving as a reference to thousands of families around the world.

Valentina Sampaio and May Simon Lifschtiz, Victoria's Secret models

In the summer of 2019, the same week that it was known that the world's best-known lingerie firm , Victoria's Secret, stopped organizing its famous annual parade due to the lack of diversity, it decided to make a splash and presented Valentina Sampaio, the first trans model that became part of the firm's universe. She herself posted a photo on her Instagram account from the backstage of the photoshoot for the new campaign for Victoria's Secret Pink line. “Never stop dreaming, people. Life is amazing. Want more, hate less. Hatred is useless, so do not waste your time with it , "wrote the top, 23. Since then it has not been the only one. In an attempt to wash the image, the exclusive lingerie firm has counted on other trans models for its advertising campaigns, such as the Danish May Simon Lifschtiz .

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Jazz Jennings

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From the time she learned to speak she made it very clear to her family that she was a girl, not a boy. On her fifth birthday, she already appeared before her family and friends as a girl wearing a colorful full-body swimsuit, and at the age of six she told her story on a television program. After that interview, he continued to share his experiences on social networks, until in 2015 he became the protagonist of a reality show about his day to day, Yo soy Jazz . "When they proposed to us to do a program, the first thing I thought was that we shouldn't do it," the young woman , born in Florida, told EL PAÍS in 2018 about the beginnings of the space in which her parents and three siblings also participate. “It wasn't that we weren't prepared, it was that we wanted to make sure it was a good thing for the transgender community. In the end, we went ahead and here we are. The show is about a normal girl, with the problems that other teenagers have, like making friends, dating, trying to be myself, and finding happiness. It's about a normal girl who turns out to be transgender. It also shows the medical component and the struggle to try to achieve acceptance by society ”. Since then she has been an outstanding member of the LGTBI + community, especially followed by young people and adolescents.

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