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(CNN) - Dr. Anthony Fauci's effort to educate the public about the coronavirus pandemic has won him dozens of admirers, but his work The global HIV / AIDS crisis was applauded Tuesday by a star-studded fan: Elton John.

“What a wonderful and appropriate way to commemorate World AIDS Day, honoring one of the greatest champions in the history of the HIV epidemic. AIDS, "John said during the US Global Leadership Coalition virtual tribute, where Fauci received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

" There are very few people on this planet who have dedicated a lifetime of service to save millions of lives like dr. Fauci, "said the global music superstar, who founded an organization in his own name that works to combat HIV / AIDS and its stigma.

" His unwavering commitment to public health and innovation has transformed the approach to HIV John said. "And it is his leadership and persistence that will ultimately help us overcome the covid-19 pandemic," he added.

publicity Fauci's role in the fight against HIV / AIDS

Fauci, longtime director of the National Allergy Institute and Infectious Diseases of the United States, he served as AIDS coordinator for the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) before becoming the first director of the NIH Office of AIDS Research, where he He served from 1988 to 1994.

Fauci faced protests and convictions from activists from organizations like AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, also known as ACT UP, for his handling of the deadly disease that claimed more than 100,000 lives in the United States . However, he would continue to collaborate with activists in the research and development of drug trials.

In a conversation with Barbara Bush, daughter of former US President George W. Bush, who appeared at Tuesday night's event, Fauci He recalled that in the early years of the AIDS epidemic, in the early 1980s, they "put band-aids on bleeding with no medicine available, literally watching all their patients die." He called it "one of the darkest periods of (his) life."

These are the challenges in the fight against HIV 1: 11

"It's something that stuck with me, how it feels when you have people you want to save and that you can't, "he said.

After developing drugs to treat the disease, Fauci said, he noticed a" staggering and painful "disparity between the United States and Africa on HIV / AIDS. He helped create the Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a program started in 2003 under the Presidency of George W. Bush to help save the lives of people with HIV / AIDS in the developing world.

«The Impact It is extraordinary and it is the gift that continues to give, ”said Fauci. “It created a system that can really deliver the kind of care, prevention and treatment in a region and in a system that most people dismissed as impossible.”

Fauci credited the longevity of the program, which continues to this day, to bipartisanship.

"The lessons learned - and guys, we need to consider it now in today's world - is that if you're going to achieve something, division doesn't work.

You have to bring people together," Fauci said. “And I hope that, as we look to the future, that is what we are going to start to see now, because we have to go back to that spirit of bipartisan approach.”

World AIDS Day

The President and CEO of the Leadership Coalition Global America, Liz Schrayer, echoed that World AIDS Day was an important time "to reflect on what the United States can actually do by coming together in a bipartisan way" and said it was "an extraordinary honor" to Coalition recognizes Fauci with Lifetime Achievement Award.

"It was natural for us to bring these two themes together: World AIDS Day and a celebration of the United States making a difference in the world," he said.

When asked if He believed he would see a generation free of AIDS in his life, Fauci expressed optimism, but said that work to combat the deadly disease must persist.

"When COVID-19 essentially becomes the rear view mirror, HIV will still be there," he said. And that's what we have to do. We have to be attentive to that and never allow that ... the end of ending this is, for me, we're going to get there, and we're going to get there while it's still around, I can tell you. ”

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