Ernesto Cazares admitted that his brother Aristeo let himself win in Exatlon: "It affected me a lot"


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The Veracruz athlete Ernesto Cázares was in the Venga la Alegría program where he spoke about his stay at Exatlón .

Cázares was the most recent eliminated in the competition, after facing a duel against Keno Martell and Daniel Noyola.

In the Tv Azteca program , the athlete revealed that his brother Aristeo Cázares deliberately allowed himself to be won in some of circuits.

“I'm not blind, yes he did. The truth was that it affected me a lot mentally because I began to feel that I could no longer do something in Exatlon . Instead of helping me, he hurt me, but I thank him very much because thanks to that I spent more time in the program, "he declared on the morning broadcast of TV Azteca .

Ernesto Cázares accepted that his brother lost his purpose in some circuits and stressed that Aristeo was became an inspiration to be able to improve his sports skills.

“Aristeo was like my mentor and like my dad since he was a child. That's why I admire him a lot. His entire mentality passed to me. We know how to win and we know how to lose, the Exatlon is really like that ”, he mentioned in the program.

He also confessed that he liked to compete against him, because he felt he was running faster, but also that he no longer did it as before.

The athlete mentioned that had a brief goodbye with his brother. “This time I couldn't see it anymore. A day before I approached him and he was like 'I'm going to elimination, I'm going to be calm and I'm going to really want to'. He took that as my farewell. I gave him a hug, I told him that I loved him very much and that I wanted to see him win ”, confessed the athlete.

On Sunday, January 17, the parkour tracer left the Exatlón: Titanes vs Héroes edition , and left an important gap in the blue team.

His brother, Aristeo Cázares, was affected by his departure, so he shared some emotional words at the ceremony. “It is an emotional blow that I receive with courage. My brother is one of the most important people in my life ”, expressed the athlete.

Ernesto Cázares was the first champion of Exatlón México , the most successful season so far. Also known as the most beloved champion of Mexico . The host of this program, Antonio Rosique, calls it that because in the first season, the participants advanced in the competition according to their physical performance on the circuits and thanks to the votes of the public.

Despite the fact that El boy was in the elimination some times, the public always saved him and it was for the same reason that he became the winner, through their votes.

Aristeo Cázares mentioned the following regarding the comments that indicate the loss of his performance when he faces his blood: “The races with him for me were the most exciting here, he demanded of me, we demanded of ourselves, we enjoyed running, it didn't matter if it was win or lose, my brother is a person I love, we are all here for him, he is the first champion, the legendary champion ”, he stressed for Exatlón.

Aristeo Cázares was the champion of the third edition and that is why he He finds in this special program with his brother, in which the finalists from previous seasons meet.

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