Ernesto Cazares, “the champion of Mexico”, was eliminated from Exatlon 2020: this was his moving farewell


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Once again, the Costa Rican beaches welcomed Heroes and Titans in the most important duel of the week: survival. This time the reds managed to seize the fortress, while the blues had to spend their nights in the cabin.

For the elimination, it was the red women and the blue men who were at risk of leaving the competition . The teams met in the water circuit of the competition, one of the most demanding, to decide the color of the next athlete who would leave the Exatlon.

Heroes began survival in the lead. In the first half, they managed to beat their opponents by at least two points. However, as is customary in duels of this type, the Titans did not let themselves win and came back.

For the second part of Survival, the competition was still close. The teams concluded the second round with a score of eight to eight . In the new dynamic, a man and a woman were chosen from each team to play last two races. Canoeing Heliud Pulido and footballer Mati Álvarez played for the reds, while for the blues, javelin thrower Evelyn Guijarro and footballer Keno Martell.

The reds took the last two circuits and made the blue ones have to face the battle for permanence. The two lowest scores of the team would go to this duel: Keno Martell and the Olympic fighter Christian Anguiano.

Finally, the blue team had to decide which of their other teammates would have to go to the elimination duel. The basketball player Cassandra Ascencio announced that " the champion of Mexico", Ernesto Cázares, would be the last possible eliminated.

After a fierce competition in the pipe circuit, it was the Parkour practitioner who had to leave the competition. The departure of this participant was especially difficult for the team because, not only was he one of the first participants to enter Exatlon, he was also "the heart of the team", as his own teammates named him.

Los Héroes hugged Ernesto, who won the first Exatlón México competition ever held, and his teammates said goodbye in tears. Even the driver Antonio Rosique himself shed tears. As in every farewell, this week's eliminated gave a few words before leaving the Costa Rican beaches where the reality show takes place.

Just as I had the mind to win the first one, I also have the mind to lose and I know that I went with one of the greats (...) for me it is an honor to leave this way. What hurts me the most about leaving is that I couldn't give my brother a goodbye hug

He pointed out that Aristeo is one of the most important people for him because he has supported him throughout his life. About his team he mentioned:

Every day, although I woke up sad, I tried to give the best to them because they deserve the best and they taught me to enjoy it in different ways and they also taught me that you can have loyal friends. I'm leaving happy, I know how to lose, at some point it was going to happen.

asked his colleagues not to be sad with his departure. The production gave Ernesto the opportunity to say goodbye to Aristeo at the fortress. Thus, again, account the Heroes saw another of their companions leave and will have to face the Titans with one less member next week.

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