Even Veronica Castro joined the celebration for the 25 years of "Ventaneando"


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Verónica Castro has not been part of the team of conductors of Ventaneando , but she was excited enough with the celebrations for the 25 years of the program to call in full live broadcast and congratulate all the Pati Chapoy team.

"I spoke because I am very sorry, you did not want to share your light with me," said the star by phone.

Verónica Castro's call came when Juan José "Pepillo" Origel and Martha Figueroa, original hosts of the broadcast, along with Chapoy and Pedro Sola.

Very excited by the reunion of the Ventaneando drivers -which also included Mónica Garza, Aurora Valle, Álvaro Cueva, Jimena Pérez, Ricardo Casares, Atala Sarmiento and Inés Gómez Mont-, Vero Castro regretted that Pati did not want to "give him work" to do what he likes the most.

“(I am) watching you all with great emotion, everyone has been very good to me there, ” added Castro.

Pati Chapoy took the opportunity to ask him about his most recent film and also about his children , Michel and Cristian.

“My children? I don't know, I don't know if I have children. I have a missing one that an alleged girlfriend took, he tells me that he went to the woman's house, I have no idea, "he commented about Cristian, while about Michel he only mentioned that he is working on a new film.

In During the brief talk, Daniel Bisogno greeted Verónica and she responded with advice (given the recent controversies that the driver has faced and that kept him away from Ventaneando for more than a month): “even if they screw you and tell you your things, what it is worth everything ”.

Castro ended his call with a few words for Chapoy: "I love you, I envy you a lot because the truth is I would love to do what you do because I don't have the pants ... congratulations to all."

This Friday's broadcast was special and it is that it was on January 22, 1996 when Ventaneando began its broadcasts on TV Azteca.

This Friday's program began with Pati Chapoy with Pedro Sola and Juan José Origel, as well as with Martha Figueroa linked via Zoom. The four of them were the first hosts of the broadcast dedicated to the world of entertainment.

They immediately began to remember anecdotes from the beginning of the program, when celebrities avoided giving them interviews for fear of retaliation from Televisa .

Origel highlighted the great success that they achieved in a short time without any of the drivers being young or famous. There was also talk of that note that "Pepillo" gave that led to the separation of Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian.

And Maribel was at home with Joan Sebastian watching Ventaneando when Origel gave the note that he had seen the singer in a bar with Arleth Terán; so at that moment Maribel decided to end their relationship.

During the three hours that this special lasted for the 25 years, all the former drivers paraded through Ventaneando , who shared anecdotes of their time on the program, the longest-running of its kind On Mexican television

Perhaps the most surprising presence was that of Atala Sarmiento , since in 2018 he left the program amid some tension and controversy, mainly with Pati Chapoy.

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